Tuesday 31 May 2011

Quilting Adventures in Knitterland
sampler quilt finished

finished size 50 inches x 50 inches
DD and I spent some time on Friday and Saturday quilting GS#1's play quilt "in the ditch" (or somewhere near it). This is the same quilt that was formerly called "floor quilt" or "Project 2"; the progress of which can be seen here, here, here, here, here and here. The observant among you will notice the gap of nine months between the first and second post - it takes that long from conception to birth for a baby; why not a quilt? LOL

DD did a better job than I did at staying in the ditch; she is more of a perfectionist than I am and wanted to pull out her less-than-perfect stitches. I reminded her that we were making a quilt that would be dragged around the house, used to build cubby houses and to play peekaboo - we are not making an exhibition piece.

As an experienced knitter, I demand a high standard of myself and will rip out if I'm not satisfied with my own work; but as a novice quilter I think, "Let's just do our best and if it's less than perfect we had fun and learnt something along the way". At no point in the future do I think my grandchildren are going to say: "There are a few stitches out of place here, Grandmum"!

I spent Sunday afternoon cutting the binding strips and sewing them on. Somehow I missed attaching the first strip to the front of the quilt for about four inches - very strange! I also had some issues with puckering on the quilt back when attaching the first strip - so I ended up sewing that strip four times!

I spent Sunday evening in front of the television hand sewing the binding to the back of the quilt. Four hours later I was done.

So, fourteen months after the pieces were cut, GS#1 can build his first cubby house (although he's probably a bit young for that)!


  1. gorgeous! I adore the blues. How beautiful! I haven't tried in the ditch yet though my mother keeps saying I should .

  2. Congratulations! It is finished and a beauty, too! Those little gaps happen-usually when you think the layers are lined up but they lied...happens to all of us. Nice work!

  3. It's beautiful and it will get well used no doubt over the coming years in many incarnations: Cubby house, comfort quilt, dedicated play space, etc. Great work Lynne and DD!

  4. it is just perfect the way it is, lovely!


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