Sunday, 20 March 2011

Piecing Adventures in Knitterland

DD is not here today but there were only four more blocks to go for all 30 blocks to be complete so I spent the afternoon stitching and ripping and stitching and pressing and measuring and trimming and stitching some more, until I finally had these:

We used only one directional print in our choice of twelve fabrics. When we originally cut out the pieces, we had no idea how it all came together. Now we do, and sideways birds were not an option. So, today I cut some more little pieces. And all my birds perch upright - which is how it should be (at least to my eyes).

I'm off to use the scraps to make another cover for the change table for GB#2 (we no longer use the change table for GS#1, he's too wriggly and we'd rather have him wriggling on the floor where he can't hurt himself!)

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  1. Beautiful! You are getting to be quite good at this, aren't you?! Yes, that is exactly how a directional print should be used! How did the entrelac class go?!


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