Monday 30 May 2011

mobius wrap

Last July, DD and I attended a one-day workshop hosted by the Blue Mountains group of the Knitters' Guild of NSW. The tutor was Jude Skeers.

Before lunch we made sample mobius wraps in order to learn all the skills necessary to complete a full sized wrap; after lunch we worked on the "real thing".

I finished my wrap about two weeks later, but only got around to photographing this weekend before sending it off with the other 509 items to Australian Inland Mission.

I used the only yarn I had in my stash that fitted the description of the yarns we were asked to bring. I don't like mohair and was pleased to finish the wrap. I also don't think that orange and purple is a great colour combination - but other people have loved it!

I chose to knit the curved back (the alternative was a point) which turned out quite well.

The stripes work better on the front and the mobius twist adds that little bit of glamour to what otherwise would be a knitted tube.
Under the tee-shirt is an unscheduled appearance of GB#2, due 8th July!


  1. Very pretty-I think you should knit her another one in her color of choice-it looks very nice on her!

  2. I think these are a fantastic idea for charities - warmth where needed, no buttons, ties etc and easy to wear - great job
    Countdown now to holding the newbie!!!

  3. What an interesting pattern. It looks great with that twist. Nothing wrong with purple and orange :)


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