Wednesday, 1 June 2011

the first of winter

In Australia, the first day of a season is the first day of the month in which the equinox or solstice occurs, hence today is the first day of winter.

It has been unseasonably cold here; in fact, we had the coldest May on record. The last three days seem to have been non-stop rain, at times exceedingly heavy - the kind when one must turn up the volume of the television or iPod.

As I look out the window, at the small patch of sky I can see (thanks to our neighbours garage just over a metre from my window - uphill from us) all I can see is grey, grey, grey.

To relieve the greyness, here is a photo of a banksia flower trimmed off the neighbours' shrub (hanging over our fence) when WM was tidying the garden last week. The flower is about 25cm (10 inches tall). The banksia is a species of shrub named after Sir Joseph Banks, a botanist who accompanied Lieutenant James Cook on the voyage during which he 'discovered' the east coast of Australia and claimed it for England (1770).


  1. Very unusual-I like the texture and color contrast! Cool. Happy wintering to you!

  2. we had a big storm a couple of nights ago, it poured so hard, unbelievable! Lovely wrap, looks perfect for chilly mornings!

  3. What a stark contrast to the 104 degree weather that we are having right now in the Southern States! Record breaking heatwave...yuck!


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