Wednesday 28 January 2009

knitting knemesis

It seems I must have one!

For a few months it was the Myrtle Leaf Shawl - and we all know how that turned out!

Now it's the Supersocke Cotton socks - again! The first time I knitted these socks it was still 2007. My post from 4th November of that year said I was about to cast on, the post on the 12th November said the first sock was finished. It's a whole twelve months before they are mentioned again! Fast forward a few months, they are mentioned briefly here and in far more detail here.

Well, it's been more than a week since that last mention and the Supersocke cotton is now in its 6th incarnation. The last time they were mentioned I was on Version #4 - they were too small; only 64 stitches and I couldn't get them on over my heel [even with the needles taken out]. Version #5 was a great idea in theory but didn't work out in practice so I won't bore you with the details. Suffice to say that the random colourways of this yarn completely obscured the pattern I was 'inventing'.

So, now I've cast on for Version #6. I've done 12 rows of K1 P1 rib and, if I don't find a pattern soon that's strong enough to complete with this colourway, I think I'll watch the tennis and knit stocking stitch! We already know that I refuse to be beaten by my knitting, don't we?

After all, did I not say [of Myrtle Leaf but it applies to any other knitting]:
For what is yarn, what has it got?
It must yield, it must be taught.
Read the pattern is what I did
The stitches must do as I bid.
PS If anyone has ever knit with this yarn [Online Supersocke Cottone] please let me know how it went for you!


  1. I love a stocking stitch sock - often if I've got a strong yarn, that's all I'll do - simple perfection!

  2. Stocking stitch will do fine....

    No need for pattern when the yarn speaks for itself.

  3. I have made 3 pair of them and 2 were stockinette and one was lacey-all three were great projects! Not a lot of stretch-be sure you start with enough stitches-lace on top helps.

  4. Go with the stocking stitch -- there's something to be said for simple knitting sometimes! (And it's often easier to boss your knitting around that way :) )

  5. I've knit with online sock yarn, but not cotton. What size needles are you using? I would go for 2.75mm and do 64 or 72 stitches, depending on the size of your calf. Do some rib, then knit plain. Straight, plain socks. It's the best for a strong colourway.

  6. Hi Lynne, I'll go with the others on the stocking stitch. I've frogged too many socks when I realized colours and pattern did not work together.

    Off at a tangent - I hope the wedding goes really well and I like the comment about gaining a son. I have three sons and now three DILs and get on well with every one of them. Prayers for and blessings on the happy couple.

  7. I hope your Daughter has a beautiful wedding day..

    Good luck with the socks. Ive only done 2 rows and that was over six months ago..LOL

    When is the Knitting Guild starting up again?.
    How do I join?. Hopefully DH dosen't get work on the days the meeting are on like last year...


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