Friday 23 January 2009

It's done

The hole is no more.

While it may seem like I was procrastinating, I was thinking about it a lot; going over the stitch pattern in my mind. Occasionally I would even go and look at it. What threw me was not the stitches themselves, I could see where they went; it was the big loops of yarn I had that were supposed to be a complex pattern of 'bars' holding the leaf pattern together.

I just couldn't figure out how it all went together - especially the two long loops running parallel to the leaf! The hole got worse than this photo shows as I desperately tried to find where each strand belonged! I should have taken another photo before I began the repairs but that didn't occur to me.

Although I finished the repair this morning, I had been working on it for two days - I picked up the dropped stitches that I could see and yesterday I had a couple of tries to put it together but it wasn't working. More thinking, not procrastination, was needed; the shawl had given me too much trouble to rush in and do a bodgie* job.

So, here it is; I'm sure you won't have any trouble picking the repaired leaf but it's not too bad, if I do say so myself!

Thanks for the support and encouragement; it really means a lot to this often-close-to-tears-soon-to-be-mother-of-the-bride!

And now, we're off the reblock the border to our satisfaction [DD and I not the royal 'we'!]

*bodgie - something imperfect, flawed or without value


  1. It's beautiful! I can't wait to see pictures of it on the big day!

  2. You have done a wonderful job of keeping bars and leaves intact, it would have been very complicated on such open lace work. Sometimes taking your time (not procrastinating) is really worth it!

  3. Procrastinating is called watching the tennis.

    Well done, you really did a fantastic job on keeping it all together.

    Remember as Mother of the Bride, you are able to let it go on the 31st.

  4. It looks lovely. No one would ever notice the repair. You have done an amazing job.

  5. We are so proud of you! You have excelled in all ways.

  6. oh well done. I can't really see it very well all and it'll be lost in the drape and folds of the shawl. Beautiful.

  7. Well, that repair is definitely not without value - excellent work! It looks really good, and I know how nerve-wracking a job like that can be. Good recovery :)

  8. Beautifully done!

  9. Congratulations on a great repair job, it will not be noticed by anyone, I'm sure!

    You probably already know this, but I discovered on Friday that the myrtle leaf is a classical symbol of love and marriage - so you and DD have chosen the perfect pattern for this lovely heirloom.

  10. It's a stunning shawl Lynne, the repair is not noticeable, excellent work all round.

    Roz Castle Hill

  11. My heart gave a lurch too when I saw the picture - I bet you cried - I would have! The repair is excellent - and when it is worn I defy anyone to find it!

    So happy for you - and you can cry all you want at the wedding !!


    Toowoomba Qld


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