Monday 26 January 2009

she's at it again!

Yes, I've fiddled with my blog's appearance again. I loved the overall look but felt it was a bit cluttered. Rather than delete anything, I decided to go for less background pattern and more text space. I made the font bigger too. I hope that makes it easier for everyone, though you probably do what I do: hold the control key down and scroll the mouse to enlarge things I want to read! It beats squinting at the computer!! LOL

I've added all my stash [not counting odds and ends which I use for small projects] to the footer - it will be interesting to see if this was a worthwhile couple of hours work!

I have also rejigged and added to The Queue in my sidebar. I'm going to challenge myself to work through this list [at random]. I have a few books that I have never knitted any patterns from, a few techniques and different yarns I want to try and a few fibre-related, non-knitting things I want to have a go at too. So, when I'm looking for a new project, The Queue and The Stash are the first places to look!

Knitting for charity means that just about any knitted item is acceptable somewhere - usually my three most-knitted-for-charities cover anything I can think of: Operation Christmas Child [toys and children's clothing], Australian Interior Ministries [warm clothing and accessories in all sizes] and Wrap With Love [blankets or squares]. Why these three? Because I can deliver these items without having to pay postal costs to send them somewhere; that saves money for more yarn and more items for charity! Anything else I knit can be sent to one of the thirty or so organisations on the Knit4Charities 2009 calendar!

If all else fails, I have family and friends, and might even knit something for myself - the silk yarn Sally gave me last year is ear-marked for a 'me' project!


  1. Congratulations on listing your stash.

    I would be too scared to know where to start.

  2. Nice work on the blog appearance! I really need to find local charities here, too, it has been 2 years and I still send them to NY-familiar won out but it is about time to update-thanks for the boost!

  3. It's looking good. I love an uncluttered look and am not sure I always achieve it myself.

    Good luck working through the unfinished projects! Listing your stash is a brave move!

  4. I like the idea of keeping a list of stash and projects near at hand -- I have been contemplating taking a day to get my stash into my Ravelry page, for the same reason. We'll see if I'm brave enough!

  5. I love the updated look. Makes me wish I could make my font bigger and easier to read!


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