Saturday 31 January 2009

The Big Day

Well, folks, it's The Wedding Day. It's 5.45am, still dark outside and, as far as I know The Bride, M-o-H, and FotB are still asleep [wish I was!]. I had to walk past the bridesmaids' dresses to get to my computer and the wedding gown is hanging a metre away from me as I type. I have a headache, I feel nauseous and I've been weeping for at least the last fifteen minutes due to a PowerPoint presentation sent to me by Lorelle!

DD's last night at home is not one I will remember with fondness. I was depressed and, despite determining not to say anything, couldn't help myself. So many things left, unnecessarily, till the last minute. I would have liked for us to spend some time together but I barely saw her all day or evening - she was out till 5pm and in her room all evening except while we had dinner [and then my parents were watching the news so we couldn't talk]. We did have some time together - at 9am - she had a pedicure and I had a manicure [the first of my life!]. She was then taken away for a facial while I had a pedicure [also my first].

I know I sound selfish - maybe I am - but the grief is real and must be gone through [unfortunately].

And how is today looking?
weather forecast for western Sydney: 37*C [99*F] - please Lord let them be wrong!

before 8:30 MotB goes for a half-hour walk
before 9:30 breakfast and showers all round
sometime this morning - flowers arrive
9.30 MotB drives Bride and M-o-H to hairdresser
10am Bride's hair and make-up [also two Bridesmaid's]; MotB knits socks
11am MotB's hair [will do own makeup at home]
noon MotB drives home
12.15 Bride and Bridesmaids dress; FotB dresses; MotB does own make-up and dresses
12.50 photographer arrives
2.20 photographer leaves
2.30 car arrives
2.45 Bride leaves home [and right now mother starts weeping again]
3.30 wedding ceremony
6.00 reception
midnight or later - bed!
Ten hours from now she'll be a wife and I'll be a MIL!


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  2. Best wishes on this special day (you can do it)!

  3. Slow deep breathing, you can do this. All the best of luck to the newlyweds, and a box of tissues for you.


  4. Of course you're not selfish. Mothers cry when their children start school but it's not for selfish reasons. I presume it has something to do with sadness at the passage of time.

    I know you only want the best for your daughter.

    Have a truly wonderful day and you cry all you want! Just don't let the make-up run.

  5. A few thoughts...

    1/ Water proof makeup.

    2/ Somebody has probably already said this but: "You aren't losing a daughter you are gaining a son"

    3/ It's a big party to celebrate the wonderful job you have done with your husband in raising your daughter so that she is able to be strong and healthy and able to share and enhance someone else's life as well as your own.

    4/ You will make it through the day and those to come.


    Good Luck, thinking of you all in this heat.

  6. Ummm Sorry.

    Was meant to be opened after today.

    Well it is now 10.30 in Sydney so according your post you should be knittng socks.

    You will have a great day.

  7. Sending a will get better as hard as it is to believe today.

  8. I can't pretend to imagine what it's like - but I hope the sadness is replaced by joy as the day unfolds. She's not gone forever. Just starting a new life with a new role for you!

    Hope you don't all melt!

  9. Thinking of you all today and hoping you are having a wonderful time.


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