Friday 12 October 2007

Tofutsies finished!
and the first of the Supersocke Cotton socks

This is an example of what I mean - this post was originally written on 12 October and has waited patiently in the draft folder for a week!

After two months languishing on needles waiting for the grafting [Kitchener stitch] the Tofutsies socks are finally finished. And so is the cold weather I think!! LOL

I wore the Tofutsies socks on Friday - I didn't like the feel of hand-knitted socks under the soles of my feet. They're knitted in stocking stitch - does anyone have suggestions? It never occurred to me that I wouldn't like hand-knitted socks; I've bought more yarn for at least another three pairs! What can I do?

I have also finished the first of my Supersocke Cotton socks for SSoS and cast on the second sock. No sss for me*!

*sss = second sock syndrome
SSoS = Southern Summer of Socks


  1. You can't say you don't like handknitted socks!!! You'll be drummed out of knitblogland!!!
    And have you tried turning your socks inside out to see if it's just the purled side you don't like? I'm finding that the feel of my Stormy Rainbow socks is very different to all the store-bought socks - very snug, and textured-feeling under the soles, sort of like masseur sandals without the pain factor :>
    What did tofutsies feel like to knit with? Was there any hint of shellfish??
    PS thanks for visiting my blog!!

  2. Isn't that odd? I found I loved the feel of them right away but didn't expect to, because I have deeply sensitive feet and can't bear many different textures, but this one just felt right. There would have been hell to pay otherwise - all that work and no joy??? Maybe you need to try them when it's not so hot?


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