Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Tennis v. Finishing

The tennis season began two weeks ago. We've had the Hopman Cup in Perth, the Sydney International, the Brisbane International, the Koorong Classic in Melbourne and the Australian Open [a Grand Slam event] started yesterday. I love watching tennis. I saw the first two games of the Hopman Cup and haven't sen any tennis since; I've had my head down knitting Myrtle.

Yesterday, I decided I was going to watch the tennis before it was all over. I got myself an easy knitting task and settled in front of the television. Good choice - I saw Bernard Tomic, a 16yo Australian, become the youngest man ever to win at the Australian Open! What a thrilling match it was - especially the third set!

I also watched Jelena Dokic [an Australian] struggle to win her game, the first set played by another Aussie Casey Dellaqua [then we went for our daily walk] and finally Roger Federer playing against a worthy opponent, Andreas Seppi, until after midnight.

Consequently, I didn't finish Myrtle yesterday.

Tennis v. Myrtle - 4:0!

I did, however, finish knitting a pair of fingerless mitts - only they weren't a pair because the yarn was irregular in thickness so they knitted up differently. They have been frogged and the yarn rewound to be used for non-paired items! DD spliced the yarn together from odds and ends we bought at Bendigo Woollen Mill, I don't think she realised at the time that she was putting different thicknesses together. You can see the yarn in a ball here. We hand-dyed the yarn and not only is it different thicknesses, it is different blends - we know that because it took up the colour differently! Here is the beanie I knitted yesterday with the same yarn [the light colours are the thinner - DK yarn; the darker colours near the crown are the thicker yarn]. The large stitches you can see at random are where the splicing has felted - it makes for a unique look!! LOL

And... I cast on the first sock from the Online Supersocke yarn I frogged in December. I'm knitting a modified version of Flame Wave from Favourite Socks.

Today, another Australian, Lleyton Hewitt, a former World #1, will try to regain some of his former glory. He enters this tournament unseeded and has a tough draw against 2007 finalist, Fernando Gonzales.

Wish me luck in getting away from the TV today!


  1. Are you being the rabbit who thought he had the race conquered so he rested?! Finish it ,girl!!

  2. I have the cooling on (it's already 38+ here), it's aimed at the couch. I have the tennis on, they look HOT.
    I am knitting, I am not hot. All is good. And that was a great game yesterday with Tomic wasn't it? Oh and finish that shawl LOL!

  3. The Couch
    The Knitting
    The Aircon
    & Llewyton

    Who could ask for anything more

    More of 'Fedex'


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