Saturday, 7 January 2012

some sewing at last!

DD and I finally got into the sewing room together yesterday. Well, we had been in here in the late afternoon of the day before but we found deciding how to make the backing of a donation quilt with the fabrics that had also been donated too difficult for our tired minds so we didn't end up doing anything!

So, yesterday we came in with the intention of making the backing for another quilt. But we got distracted on the way. For Christmas, WM and I gave Older Grandson a set of skittles which he loves. They were in a plastic carrier which was way too difficult to put together, especially for a not-quite-two-year-old. Yesterday he stood on the lower part of the empty carrier and snapped it in two places. So we decided to make him a drawstring bag to keep the skittles and balls together. OG was given three flannelette fabrics to choose from and chose the one we thought he would. 
finished size: 19" x 13"
While we had the machine threaded up for the bag, I thought I may as well make another change mat for him (he has only one here) so cut out the same fabric as the bag and a coordinating stripe.
It's a bit scrunched because OG loves it and has been carrying it around the house - to sit on or as a skittles bowling lane! DD hasn't even done the quilting yet!

While DD was working on the drawstring bag, I chain pieced and cut some scraps left over from the Scrappy II quilt top to insert into the back. We needed 48 inches of width for the quilting frame and, of course, our fabric was only 44 inches wide. So a panel of scrap fabrics was inserted to gain the extra width. WM had to stand on the lounge (sofa) so I could take a photo - thanks WM!
finished backing 48" x 88"
I finished the final piecing at 11:30pm - I just couldn't go to bed with one seam left to do! Here is a close up of the 4" wide panel.
Only thing was, I made a panel that was 154 inches long - boy that gave us a huge chuckle! Now we have some scraps left to start a "coin" quilt!

Perhaps today we'll figure out a backing for the other donation quilt!


  1. Nice to get back to sewing at last!

  2. I love the scrappy back! Just lovely!

  3. My husband is the official quilt holder, too! Very clever backing design strip! Isn't it wonderful to be in the sewing room again!?

  4. take the thread spool off the machine and see if the thread is weak in your hands. wetspots can get mildew and you wouldn't know from the color the thread just gets so that it has no strenght left.

    there could be a snag in one of the thread guides.

    the needle you are using may be too small for the thread or fabric/sandwich you are using.

    look in Superior Threads Education Pages. they answer all kinds of questions and help with troubleshooting.


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