Friday 6 January 2012

I'm back and adding to my fabric stash

Before I start, I apologise for the layout of this post! I spent over an hour trying to get it to look the way I want but Blogger has other ideas! I think it's time to move my blog to W---!

Life has been full with Christmas and New Year celebrations and the coming and going of house guests.

We've had some summer weather at last!
  • We've been on a day trip to the beach.
  • WM and DD have taken Younger Grandson for his first swim in the pool.
  • Older Grandson is learning some independence in the pool while wearing floaties.
But more of that later.

Today, being my first real post of the new year, I'd like to welcome and thank all my followers. It seems like only yesterday I had 19 followers when I signed up for Lily Quilt's Small Blog Meet Up (in October). This week I hit 40! How exciting! Thank you all so much.

DD and I celebrated the start of a new year of sewing by attending the sales at our local Big Box Store.
Inspired by this book (we can't wait to get starting on our first story quilts)

...we bought 52 half metres of fabric.

 random florals

 random prints



 little diamonds

medium sized florals
 red paisleys

tone on tone

tone on tone leaf 


and stripes

Of course, this fabric could be used for other kinds of quilts too; I think we might have a stash now!


  1. I would say you are well on your way to a stash! Congratulations! The creative juices are going to flow-enjoy!

  2. Exciting! Looking forward to the projects to be made with the growing stash!

  3. Nice choices for stash. I love the brown that looks like it's woven... bamboo??

    Wasn't that book wonderful! Can't wait to see your story quilts.

  4. Wow! What a lot of choices you have to make pictures. That book look great.

  5. Wow! An extravaganza! How exciting :)

  6. The book sounds like a good idea. I must have a look for it. I love the random florals and spots. Looking forward to seeing what you make with all this fabric :)

  7. Woah!! Good shopping girlfriend. Loving the stripes best of all. Happy new year!

  8. Watch it... that fabric pile is sure to grow... I think I could almost open a fabric shop from my brief encounter with quilting... but then who knows when you might just need it for a project!


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