Monday 12 December 2011

second top finished in five days

I must be on a roll!

For your viewing pleasure I present the completed top I have called "Scrappy Strings " because it's made of string blocks made from scraps of fabric. (poetic I'm not)

We chose a very dark brown sashing because, of all the colour choices available at the Big Box Store, it worked best with our blocks. I had anticipated using a crimson-red because most of the fabrics had some kind of red in them and most of those were more crimson than orange, but the red we needed wasn't available.

Brown is a relative of red (if mixed with yellow and black) and this brown had a slight tendency to green which is also in quite a few of the blocks.
We will quilt this one on the quilting frame. Apparently DD spends "idle moments" (like when she's feeding the baby) practising quilting doodles for this quilt so it's time to hand it over to her (first I have to piece a back!)

I'm not too sure that I like the look of this kind of scrap quilt - I think I like a more controlled look.

So our next quilt, which I have already started cutting, is in shades of blue, blue-green and purple: many different fabrics but a more-controlled palette.

I wonder if I'll like this one better?

Do you like scrappy quilts? It's okay to say you don't - I genuinely want to know!


  1. It's funny that I always like other people's scrappy choice like yours but when I try and attempt a scrappy look, it just doesn't come out right. I think I must over think the combinations. I think the brown frames the block really nicely, I think I would have preferred this over the red to be honest. Definitely looking forward to seeing the quilting and your next quilt.

  2. I really like this quilt. The dark brown sashing is a great contrast to the colourful fabrics. Whether it is your favourite or not it is much better than pile of scraps in a box.

  3. This is beautiful!!!!

    I like the look of scrap quilts but have a hard time being random with color so I understand your ambivalence. You did a great job on this and I am looking forward to the post about your quilting adventures!

    Good work!

  4. I think it looks great! I love the brown sashing (and I am not normally a brown person). Really ties it all together nicely.

  5. Looks great! love the dark sashing. would be great w asian prints... :)

  6. I have to say that I like scrappy. I like the almost patterns that show up and drive you nuts because you cant figure them out. I like the feeling of having used something to its fullest. I like the sense of repeted pattern that is created by the piecing, and show through even though the colors dont accent it. I like the fact that you cant make a mistake while you are piecing it...because it is scrappy anyway.

    Well done. Your quilt is beautiful.

  7. L-O-V-E this quilt! It's so warm and inviting. Glad you went with the brown border instead of red. The dark brown is just enough control for the chaos of the random strips. It makes the other colors pop. I think red would have caused the other fabrics to be "hidden".

  8. Hi Lynne,
    The original blocks for this quilt did not appeal to me. They just seemed too "busy" for want of another word. However, I like the way the brown has pulled them all together.

  9. I do like scrappy quilts even though I don't make many.
    I like the brown sashing.

  10. The brown sashing is a stroke of genius, it really works well with the blocks.

  11. Beautiful scrap quilt. They are my favorite kind, though I do prefer the ones with something to tie them together.


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