Wednesday 2 May 2007

A most useful tool

A few years ago WM and DD bought an electronic set of kitchen scales. I thought they were a waste of money - most of the cooking around here is measured in cups and spoons not grams.

However, the scales have turned out to be one of my most frequently used knitting tools. I can't begin to count how many times they have saved me from starting a project I could not finish, simply by weighing a finished article.

For example, last night I weighed the blue scarf - 92g. Allowing 40g for the novelty yarn, I need at least 52g of Carnival acrylic to complete another scarf. I had only 32g of the colour I intended to use so that little exercise has saved me from a time-consuming mistake!

And how did I know I had only 32g of the yarn I wanted to use? On Sunday night, I weighed all my 8ply acrylic "part balls" and wrote the weight on the label or wrapped paper labels showing the weight around those which had lost the original labels.

I have also weighed the AIDS baby jumper, which surprisingly had two different weights - one weight for the Carnival 8ply acrylic (approx. 86g) and another for the Lincraft 8ply acrylic (approx. 68g). I've knitted two jumpers in each of these and the weight remains consistent for the brand. I've also weighed the purple hat and the diagonal squares knitted for Wrap With Love. All weights are recorded in my knitting journal. (If you don't have one of these I highly recommend it - just taking simple notes can save so much time later - especially if the item is a long term project!) Now, I am prepared whenever I want to repeat an item, which I often do in my charity knitting.

I'd like to move those kitchen scales into the lounge room but I don't think WM would be impressed - some of our living space is already given over to WIPs, FOs and stash! Mind you, it's mostly behind the lounge and on the piano stool - I rarely play the piano anyway, and if I feel the urge to tinkle the ivories, it's my knitting and I'll move it if I want to!! LOL


  1. I have been contemplating buying some scales. What brand are yours? I think it would alleviate some of the knitting anxiety I am prone to at times!

  2. Great idea! I have always wanted those old fashioned ones with the weights.

  3. Sweet never thought of using scales to weigh yarn and finished knitted objects, can't tell you how many times i have almost completed something to have it sit and wait until i buy more yarn.
    I think its fab that you are knitting for the children with AIDS. its a beautiful selfless act. (claps)
    I do have a knitting dairy though i have written in it patterns i have done and ideas i want to do
    Happy knitting,
    Its raining here today (jumps for joy) I love this weather.

  4. I totally agree with you...our kitchen scales spend more time in the lounge room weighing yarn ect than they do in the kitchen! And yes they have saved me from a few time wasting sock knitting episodes recently.
    Looking forward to spending time on rugz-4-kidz with you in the near future!


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