Wednesday 25 April 2007

Happy Birthday to me!

I had a lovely day. First I got to sleep in. Then WM and DD took me to the city. We had lunch at Sydney Tower Restaurant - a revolving restaurant with buffet-style "all you can eat" meals! The view from the restaurant is stunning, even on a grey day like today - we need the rain so desperately that there's no way I'd complain. This photo looks north-east over our beautiful harbour - yes, I think it's still beautiful even in these grey conditions.

After lunch we walked to the Art Gallery of NSW to see the Tezuka exhibition of Manga prints. He is most famous in Australia for Astro Boy and Kimba the White Lion - both TV shows of my childhood.

When we arrived home, I opened my cards and presents. Three knitting books - yay! Well, in reality, two are yet to come - I was bit slow in ordering them so I will have to be patient and wait! (DD wasn't at our knitters' group so I had to do it myself). The two on order are from WM and DD - The Twisted Sisters' Sock Workbook (Lynne Vogel) and Victorian Lace Today (Jane Sowerby).

The book that I did receive arrived in yesterdays' post: Vogue Knitting: the Ultimate Knitting Book. I have had the 1988 edition of this book out of the library and used it frequently. Now I have my very own copy: thanks mum, dad, sis and family!

DD also gave me a 'gift voucher' for a family tour to Shark Island in Sydney Harbour. We will save that one for the warmer months - perhaps October or November.

Because this year is my 50th, WM's 50th, our 30th wedding anniversary and DD's 21st, we are taking a trip to the Northern Territory in August, part of which will be as Gold Kangaroo passengers on The Ghan - that's a shared present for all four events!

PS Please don't be a lurker. Is it possible to get 50 comments for my 50th? :-)


  1. happy happy birthday. Hope you enjoy your day.

    from stashalong

  2. Happy Birthday! Looks like you had a great day ;)

  3. Happy Birthday!!!! It sounds like you had a lovely time and I hope the rest of the year's celebrations go well(I saw that Astro Boy exhibiton too - I thought it was fantastic).

  4. Happy, happy birthday!!

  5. Very Happy Birthday. Hope you have loads more of them and they're all as good as this one.

  6. Happy birthday to you. Comment number 6! I have the Twisted Sister book and am looking forward to a quiet moment to read it.

    What an exciting adventure you have ahead! Make sure you take lots of pictures for us.

  7. Happy 50th Birthday Lynne!!
    Thanks for making me feel so welcome last Saturday.
    With Kind Regards

  8. Happy Birthday tell me did you get spoilt. I love birthdays especailly the cake. They didn't put 50th candles on your cake. My mum wouldn't let me she said it would set something alike.
    Yes i live in South Australia with my two kids. Matty who is 7 and Nikita who is 3 but acts like she is going on 23. Well i hope you had a wonderful day Talk soon.

  9. happy happy birthday! From a lurker

  10. Happy Birthday! I found you because you entered my critter contest (winner announced monday!). That train trip sounds great...shhh...I'm taking one in western US in a couple weeks, I'll blog about it soon.

  11. Happy Birthday Lynne, sounds like you had a great time, what stunning views from the restaurant.

    Hope all the other celebrations go well too.

    Lovely books!

  12. Happy birthday Lynne - you have some lovely gifts - I have the "pocket" sized Vogue knitting guide and one day will upgrade. And Victorian Lace today is just a gorgeous book to look at (I recently started my first project from it). Your trip to NT sounds great.

  13. There you go - happy birthday for a few days back in return.


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