Wednesday 18 April 2007

A busy week!

Last Wednesday my parents arrived from Bingara for DD's 21st birthday which was on Thursday. They had travelled the whole distance by coach because the XPT broke down, so they were tired and hungry. Apparently the coach stopped in Muswellbrook at the 'golden arches' but my parents won't eat their food!

Thursday I had to work but in the evening we were joined by WM's parents and the boyfriend at a local restaurant. The food wasn't great but it's a smorgasbord so everyone was able to eat what they liked and as much as they liked, and we all enjoyed the company.

Saturday was party day. We had fifty guests for a sit-down dinner of chicken, baked vegetables, salad and pasta. Dessert consisted of cheesecake, pavlova, fruit salad and, of course, birthday (mud)cake. "Who did the catering?", I hear you ask. We (WM, DD, mum and I) made the cheesecakes, salads, fruit salad and decorated the pav; the hot food was supplied by the local pizza shop at a very reasonable price. I also made a non-alcoholic punch which went down a treat. I only wish I had bought enough ingredients to make more than six litres! The jukebox/karaoke machine from Good Time Jukebox Hire was a great hit and Kelly, the woman who runs the business, was so helpful. Good Time Jukebox Hire even came back at 12.30am to collect the jukebox so it wasn't our responsibility.

Everyone who attended the party seemed to have a really good time and WM's extended family was fabulous In helping with the cleaning up of the hall we had hired.

So, did I have time to knit? Well, over the few days they were here, mum was knitting so I joined her. I needed simple things to knit so I could talk at the same time. On Friday and Saturday I knitted a scarf from acrylic and another novelty yarn from the Knitwise Pricewise range (picked up last year at the end-of-season sale at the local supermarket for the bargain price of 50c). I'll write a comment about this yarn in a separate post.

On Sunday I knitted a rolled brim hat - adapted from headhuggers. The pattern was for knitting in the round; I didn't have the appropriate dpn's so I knitted it 'flat' - it turned out well. I love the colours in the hat and the acrylic knitted up surprisingly softly. The finished hat is a little big but it's going to charity so no doubt it will find the right owner.

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