Saturday 21 April 2007

WIPs increasing daily!
or too many things to try, no time to finish!

Several things have conspired to increase my number of WIPs, despite my good intentions on January 1 to finish one before starting another!

Firstly, I was seaming the 112 squares of the Diagonal Diamond Wrap. I had only 2m (80 inches) of seam left (of 23.15m/28yds approx). In other words, I had two panels to attach and the wrap would have been complete. It was then I realised that I had sewn two of those 5x5 in squares in the wrong place. Now my whole design was off! Worse still, I had sewn in all the ends and the yarn I was using was the worst kind, a sticky kind of mohair that just will not unravel! I was so disheartened I folded the wrap (or its component parts) and put them neatly on the (rarely used) piano stool. My new friends at Knit4Charities made soothing comments like: "a man on a galloping horse won't notice". But I'm not on a galloping horse, I'm sitting here, trying to ignore the cries of those two misplaced squares as they are separated from their family! (Blues should be with blue, purples with purple - you know what I mean). I know the purpose of the wrap is to keep "cold humanity warm" but I want my designs to be right. Each wrap is designed to test a new colour pattern I'm thinking through. And there is so much work in this one! 112 squares, all that seaming, at least 672 ends sewn in! Trying to unravel the seams will be at least another couple of hours work, I may end up destroying the squares and I don't have enough yarn to reknit them! (I was knitting to use up odds and ends). If only someone would come and take the wrap away so that I don't have control over it anymore! :-(

The arrival of my parents for DD's 21st birthday and party meant I had to find simple projects to knit because mum, DD and I knit and talked quite a bit and it's hard to concentrate on a complicated pattern while talking. That accounts for the red scarf and the purple rolled brim hat referred to in a previous post. When they went home, my parents found an article in their local newspaper about a lady knitting jumpers for Aids babies in Africa. I started one last night and will hopefully finish it at the Blue Mountains knitting group today.

Having recently joined Knit4Charities, I am inspired by all the other interesting things that are being knitted. All these little projects can be completed in a very short period of time (compared to 6-8 weeks for a wrap) and have the potential to use up odd balls of yarn.

Then there are new techniques to try - yesterday I knit a coathanger cover with lace edging. The day before that WM, DD and I unravelled a ball of Knitwise Pricewise #001 into it's two strands: the lashes and the baubles. I made two child-size coathanger covers - one from each type of yarn. There will be another post about those when they are completed. I'm thinking about knitting i-cord (a new technique for me) to go over the hook of the coathangers instead of using plastic tubing. Earlier in the week I knit a ball in six segments, now I want to try to knit a ball in one piece!

And what about my 'dormant' WIPs? I completed the right front of the summer cardigan but had not done enough rows for the sleeves before casting off (I'm knitting from the top down) so now I have to frog most of it! The baby shrug is still waiting for a button (when I figure out where to put it - I think I'll take it with me today and get some help). I need to buy adult size coathangers for the two lace covers I've already made - I mistakenly bought child size! The socks are still waiting for Kitchener stitch toes and the Large Flying Geese wrap is just waiting because I'm bored feeling jaded with knitting squares and sewing them together! As yet I haven't felt inclined to pick up those socks I started in the seventies!

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  1. My goodness you have been busy!! Well done on the google news. It's weird when you see yourself somewhere unexpected, isn't it!?


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