Tuesday 24 April 2007

My shopping "spree"

In March I signed onto Stashalong Option #1, which means I get one day a month to buy yarn. Today was my shopping "spree"!

First I visited Anita at The Wool Inn and bought one skein - I can't say any more than that because it is to be a gift for someone who regularly reads my blog. By the way, thanks for all your help, Anita, I really appreciated it. The skein will be used for the Blue Mountains Knitters' Group one-skein challenge before the gift is given to someone very special. (See Kate, no noun used as a verb! Just what one would expect from an English teacher!! LOL)

After a lovely time in The Wool Inn (I tried not to look around too much!), I went to the local Spotlight (a large fabric, craft, haberdashery outlet) and bought five skeins of acrylic - for my mother! She lives in a country town called Bingara (600km from Sydney), and is knitting jumpers for the AIDS orphans in Malawi. I also bought one pair of 25mm long (10in) 4.5mm (US 7) needles because that is a popular size in our household of two knitters and the one pair we have is often in use. Strangely enough, the 30mm (12in) long 4.5mm needles hardly ever get used!

As I happened to be in Big W for other purchases, I had a quick look in the knitting section. Big W carries a wide range of acrylic and some wool but nothing was on special and I didn't need anything, so I didn't buy anything!

So, not much to report - and no additions to my stash because I will cast on the secret item this afternoon. I have so much in my stash that I cannot justify buying anymore yarn! :-(

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