Thursday 13 November 2014

photo journal

There has been a lot of this as I continue to take control of my sewing room:
crumb sorting
small containers to hold 'crumbs'  (anything under 2") sorted by colour
scraps in waiting
scraps waiting for my attention

square sorting
moving from open baskets to lidded storage -- this stack is for squares from 2' - 4.5"
and some of this in preparation for a workshop (on using coloured and variegated yarns) I am facilitating on Saturday
two samples of 'stacked pooling'

while listening to this on a continual loop in preparation for a worship service I am leading on Sunday
and a vast amount of this (we spent most of the last week of WM’s annual leave gardening)
top garden
native hibiscus in foreground, buddleia in middle ground;
clivea and camelia in backgrouns
advanced seedlings
verbena seedlings

cosmos seedlings sown five days ago!
 There has been a daily dose of this (can’t resist that view)

and tomorrow is forecast to be 40°C ( 104°F) so there will probably be some of this:

Unfortunately, there never seems to be enough of this:

And, yes, I do know I owe you a post about our time away!


  1. Lots going on around your house. Hopefully you'll find some time to stitch after all the organizing is done.

  2. Great the porch a lot! Number 7 on your song me inspiration and hope.

  3. Just start new every day....I love to see what you are up to! The new space is beautiful and has to be very inspiring!

  4. Gosh Lynne, fingers crossed for cooler weather!! As far as I'm
    concerned with trying to keep my sewing room in order....I've
    given up!! lol.
    Cheers, Anita.

  5. can I come stitch with you? that porch looks inviting. the weather here is rainy and cold. organizing is always good. I find things I had long forgotten about LOL


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