Sunday 31 August 2014

monthly check up

This is an old post, formerly "Something Old, Something New -- September edition". That post was published on 2 September but has now has been completely re-written. If you read it then, you probably won't want to read this post which is that post all over again!

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I set myself quite a list for August. Here it is:
  1. Something Old: curtains – DD has been vacillating on whether she really wants these and I’m not making curtains (which I don’t enjoy) unless she really wants them! So they remained untouched!
  2. Something Old: man’s fingerless mitt – not started; our television room has poor lighting (there will be a new floor lamp some time in the future) and there's no way I could work on navy blue while sitting in front of the television. I didn’t even think about knitting during the day; for me, I sew in the daytime and knit at night while watching TV with WM
  3. Something New: a quillow: I missed two weeks of sewing classes due to “the visit” and “the bug” so the quillow never got started!
  4. WiP: the Bargello table runner – top finished
    2014 blue Bargello top completed
  5. WiP: the Country Houses quilt   **sigh**  (untouched)
  6. WiP: Green Scrappy Strippy quilt top – top and back finished: yay!
    top completed backing completed
  7. WiP: Green Stripes and Triangles – make at least two blocks to add to this one (I need 35 altogether) – done!
    With these last two, I managed to participate in the Rainbow Scrap Challenge with the right colour without even trying! I’ve linked up with the last post of “green month” over at
    SoScrappy blog.Soscrppy   
  8. Grab Bag Challenge: Taupe Buffalo Shawelette – knitting finished. We saw the end of winter with ten days of rain (which we desperately needed) so I haven’t blocked it yet because it wouldn't have dried.
      2014 Taupe Buffalo ready for blocking
  9. WiP: finish piecing my curved blocks -- these were all cut, I just had to piece 36 of the 4.5” drunkard’s path blocks – all but one done; somehow I missed making one quarter circle!
    curved piecing completed
  10. This wasn’t on the list but I also finished knitting Socks for Someone #5 (I still have to graft the toes and sew in the ends at the cuff)
  11. I also started my next Grab Bag Challenge project (see below)
Hey, last month wasn’t as bad as I thought!
How did you do with your goals?


  1. Have you made progress on any of these projects since the first post? I especially like the drunkard' s path blocks.

  2. All lovely projects, Lynne; I particularly like the bargello table runner. The drunkard's path blocks look great!

  3. Hi Lynne you did brilliantly last month. The drunkard's path is fun. I finished my goal last month i.e. lap quilt for Hannah and managed some other sewing as well. So far this month I've done a lot of sorting and rejigging of wips ready to move forward on some of them but the weather here has gone really warm again so I'm spending as much time as possible outside prior to the onset of chillier times.


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