Tuesday 2 September 2014

Something Old, Something New – September edition -- Redux

This post, which was published on 2 September, has been completely re-written. Friends have made relevant comments and there is a linky attached so I couldn't figure out how to write a whole new post. The original post, which has been slightly modified, has been posted as monthly check up and dated 31 August. Some of the comments refer to that post rather than this new one -- sorry, I just couldn't work out how best to proceed.

If you've come in from Angela's Rainbow Scrap Challenge, please follow this link for my green scrap related post! Sorry - I couldn't work out how to edit my entry over there!

Firstly, a big thank you to all my blog friends who reminded me that "Something Old, Something New" should be about just that -- not my whole master list! Thank you, too, for the reminder that nowhere have I said I have to get anything finished. I think I'm confusing myself with last year's linky party!

August was a messy month for me. I undertook a new leadership role in relation to music and that occupied pretty much the first week. Then DD and the boys arrived unexpectedly and stayed for a week because DD became too ill to drive home! Those germs were passed on to me, got into my sinuses and my head was so so stuffy for the next week I could barely do anything.

The last week of August saw me back in my sewing room and quite productive -- but not on the goals I'd set myself.

My 'old" project for August was a pair of curtains that I started making way back in 2011. DD is still vacillating as to whether she wants the curtains or not. I don't like making curtains particularly so I'm waiting for her to make a decision before I spend time on them! At the rate she's going, both boys will have outgrown the fabric and no decision will be needed! ;-)

My "new" project is always something new in the sense of technique or something I haven't made before. I had planned to start a quillow in August but, with all of the above happening, I missed two classes so it never got started. I’ve since decided that I don't really want to make one anyway!

So, in keeping with my original stated aims for "Something Old, Something New", instead of giving you my 'master list' for the month, I will stick with two things:

Something Old: work on Canary on a Pinwheel quilt – this should have been my Relaxing Robin challenge but I fell way behind! Moving house didn’t help! The photo shows it just as I left it in February

one block, first border 

Something New: start a rainbow "pioneer braid" quilt by learning how to make a  64”-70” braid from orange fabric (this month’s colour for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge) from the tutorials on two blogs: Stitchin’ Therapy and Quiltville Quips and Snips – I started this in class yesterday (by cutting 2.5” X 7” strips)
orange strips cut 

So, how did you do in August?
Was it too warm for crafting in your part of the world?
What are your plans for September?
Dare I ask if you are starting your Christmas crafting?

Link here with the URL of your specific blog post so we can all come visit.
We'd love to see how you're going and what your plans are for next month.


  1. Shorten your lists up so you are not stressing yourself. We all need time to breath.

  2. You are right, you did get a lot more done than you thought! I like the drunkard's path blocks pieced like that-very cool.

    Hope you have a good month-should help to have the weather sweeten up and some garden time to perk you up, too!

  3. Lynne you did really well last month. I'm sorry to hear you were ill and I hope you are fully recovered now. It must have been lovely to have an unexpected visit from your daughter and grandsons, even if they did bring the germs.

    You are setting way too many goals and stressing yourself in the process. Your challenge which is fun is something old, something new. The way I look at it is you're going to work on something old during the month and start something new. There is also nothing in your challenge title that says you have to finish anything (although a finish is great). I haven't been linking up lately because I keep on forgetting until it's too late but I've been spending time each month on an old project (usually a different one each month so the projects all move forward) and enjoying starting new projects. Also I have vague memories that the projects didn't have to be quilty so taking on a new role at church is definitely a new project.

  4. Yes I agree your expecting way too much of yourself lol
    Id be quite chuffed to have done any one thing that you have done and then you wrote a successful blog post too!
    I reckon we can all live without a quillow as lovely as they are : )

  5. Ditto what everyone else said. Plus, you moved this year! And got sick and got a new role at church - that's a lot of new stuff and it takes time to get into a new routine. Heck, it's the second day of school and I should be getting lots more done, and I'm hardly in the sewing room at all. I'll get there!

  6. ditto. I have decided to not fall prey to the challenge of the day or month etc but just to enjoy the process and choose one project at a time. I want to enjoy the process and not be stressed out at what I didnt accomplish. Did I just say that? I love quilting and some days love to cut, other days to sew, and still others to sit and hand sew down binding. thats my story and Im stickin to it!


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