Thursday 1 August 2013

2013: The Year of the Finished Project – August edition

I hope that July was a more productive month for you than for me.

The month started well with a trip north to spend three precious days with DD, SIL and the grandsons. I posted about that here.

While I was away I had an itchy back. That became excruciating pain which caused a trip to the hospital in the wee hours of the morning with chest pain; followed by a diagnosis of shingles by my GP the following evening.

In the three weeks since that diagnosis I have balanced my pain medication so that I now only feel slight pain but am not so dosed up that I can’t walk straight. Because of that, I have been reluctant to use my sewing machine – that needle moves too quickly for me!

I have also avoided fine detailed knitting, like picking up and knitting the sleeves for my cardigan.

All that to say that my July goals remain just dreams – all projects totally untouched.

So my goals for August are basically my goals from July.

  • Country Houses quilt
  • Ambassador of Love mittens
  • Westall cardigan
  • Scrappy Log Cabin quilt
  • Purple Cocoon socks
  • Gift of Hope quilt #2

    What about you? How did July turn out for you? And what plans for finishing those projects do you have for August?

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    1. hope you have a good August.

    2. You have a good reason for being behind a bit this month! Your focus needs to be on getting well right now! I am glad there is no expiration date on fabric or yarn! Take care!

    3. Hi Lynne, have been thinking of you lately. Take care and stay away from needles of any sort when affected by strong painkillers.

    4. Hope you are feeling better Lynn. Shingles is absolutely no fun at all. Hopefully August will be a much more productive month for you (and me).

    5. I've been thinking about you.....glad to hear you are recovering. We did go get our shingles vax last week.
      Your projects will be waiting for you....think of them as motivation to get better faster!

    6. I too have had you on my mind... am glad to hear that you are recovering and hope you are able to get back into the groove in August! You and I both have some catching up to do ;-D

    7. Shingles are a real nuisance. My husband gets recurring bouts all the time. My July goals were a bit wishy washy. I hope to finish a few things in August. Not enough to commit to a list though. I need to just potter for a while. Being too busy can be stressful.

    8. Sorry to hear about the shingles. A family member of mine
      had that, and they weren't well at all. Hope you recover
      real soon.
      Cheers, Anita.

    9. Ouch - shingles are no fun at all! Hope you have a speedy recovery.


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