Wednesday 16 January 2013

progress is being made

The 16th, being exactly in the middle of the month, seems like a great time to share progress on my January focus list.

So far I have worked on only three of the eight items on my January list

But I am happy with that, considering I had house guests until 9th January.

I have cast on another pair of socks -- these don't interfere with my Year of the Finished Project. Plain stocking stitch socks, single-coloured garter stitch squares, class samples/projects and rainbow scrap quilting blocks are exceptions and are not counted as new projects.

You will no doubt notice that the toe of the first sock has not yet been grafted. That's because it's easier to cast on for another sock while in the car than to try grafting while in a moving vehicle! 

Socks make great travel knitting: they are small and easily transported, they don't lie in my lap when the temperature outside is over 35°C (95°F), and because they are knit in the round on dpns are only ever sixteen stitches from the "end of the row"!

Many of you would have read that my first "finish" of the year was to "frog" (rip out) a baby sweater I started in November 2011 because I thought the head hole was too small after I knitted the collar on. That's one thing off my Focus list, even if not the way I originally intended.

My "big" knitting project is the Westall cardigan that I am making for myself. I planned to be up to the waist shaping a few days ago but had to extend that deadline to yesterday because the cotton/acrylic yarn, while knitting up into a nice soft fabric, is hard on my hands so I can only do a few rows before I have to take a break.
knitted from the top down, back and both fronts at the same time

I did reach yesterday's deadline and have started the waist shaping but I'm beginning to have my doubts about having this finished by the end of the month! Nevertheless, I will persevere, I will soon be up to the plain stocking stitch part of the body so it should go a little faster then!

And on the quilting front, I started thirty-two square-on-square blocks last Friday and finished them on Monday (I had no time for sewing over the weekend). I only needed thirty-one but it doesn't hurt to have one extra, just in case. Yesterday I sewed the blocks into rows and the rows into a flimsy, so I have met my goal for January for this project and need to turn my attention to other projects while I think about the borders for this one.

I think I'll use a thin blue solid inner border but I'm not sure about the outer border. Strips (piano keys) with corner stones?

Time to baste this baby, I think. Eight months in the waiting pile is long enough!

So, how about you? How are you going with your January goals?

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  1. Very busy you are! the quilt top looks great....yes, a blue strip around all to stop the pattern. Your border idea sounds great too of the piano keys. that will make a dent in the scraps.
    i'm loving the sweater pattern...very nice.

  2. Very nice progress! I really like the quilt top. The sweater is coming along can do it!

  3. I am impressed that you have done so much since the 9th. Congratulations.
    As for me, I am putting along nicely. When I wrote my goals for Jan, I did not know that I would not be able to find one of the projects that I want to sew. Instead of losing to much time searching for it, I have decided to go on to something else. The project will turn up eventually. Im going over to look at the wip Wednesday. Kathleen

  4. Baste that quilt! It's going to be so great all finished off!

  5. Love the socks (I'm going to try making those one day), and your quilt looks great too.

  6. Great progress on your January goals. I like your plan for the thin blue border. I always have a hard time "seeing" how a pieced border will look with a quilt, so I'll be curious to see how the piano keys works out.

  7. Wonderful projects. The cardigan is beautiful!!

  8. The white squares almost look 3D. Great job!

  9. You're getting so much done - keep on chugging!

  10. such a pretty design on your cardigan.
    Your quilt is coming along. Keep up the good work.

  11. Great progress and in that heat! Yes, the blue border and the piano stripes will look fabulous.

  12. Hi Lynne,
    You're doing a mighty fine job with your January progress. Very busy you are. I'm another one who knits while being driven around, I love it and you're right about knitting socks so they don't sit on your lap on a hot day in the car. Smart move.
    Cheers, Anita.

  13. You are doing very well with that list! I especially sympathize with the cotton/hand strain dilemma - I have the same problem, and it really slows me down on my cotton projects.

  14. Love your cardigan and your square-on-square block quilt...beautiful!


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