Tuesday 15 January 2013

Bloggy news: Grow Your Blog

I read about this idea on Kate's Arty Bits blog.

Like almost every one else, I would like to grow my blog so I'm joining in.

Vicki, the owner of 2 Bags Full blog has asked participants to sign up on this post and to write a special blog post introducing themselves to be published late on 18th.

Being in Australia, and ten hours ahead of Vicki in UK, I will publish early on 19th, so come back then to learn a little more about this blog.

Do you want to join me?


  1. Very good idea...a good way to find blogs you like and grow along the way.
    I also find the just by leaving comments on other blogs, I get "found" by others. Joining linky parties is the other thing I have done to grow some.

  2. Lynne-
    Your lovely blog has just been loaded in for my Grow Your Blog party. I look forward to your special post on the day of the party. I hope you make lots and lots of new friends for your blog!

  3. An interesting idea. Thanks for passing along all the info.

  4. Interesting idea. I will have to check it out. Thanks for the link :)

  5. Hi Lynne,
    Found your site via Vicki's gybp vent. I enjoyed visiting your lovely site. Hope to stop by again soon.


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