Monday, 21 January 2013

knitting books

Welcome to my four new followers! If you came in from "Grow Your Blog", here's my "this is me" post. Thanks for dropping by.

I received only one stitching-related book for Christmas. It is The Knitter’s Handy Book of Top-Down Sweaters: Basic Designs in Multiple Sizes and Gauges, by Ann Budd.

There are several patterns in the book I like. I have only shown you details of the patterns but I have provided links to the garments where I could. If you are not a member of Ravelry, I apologise that you can’t access some of these links.

Alpine Tweed By Jared Flood (from his website)
Top Down Sweater Alpine Cardigan
Fibonacci Rings by Ann Budd (Ravelry link)
Top Down Sweaters Fibonacci stripes
Cable Love Henley by Ann Budd (or here for Ravelry link)
Top Down Sweaters Cable Love Henley
India Print Henley by Anne Hanson (modelled here by my blog friend Jocelyn, from Knitting Linguist)
Top Down Sweaters India Print Henley
Feather and Fan Flare by Ann Budd (Ravelry link)
Top Down Sweaters Feather and Fan Flare
I don’t know if I would wear either of the first two, I am too well endowed to want to draw attention to my bust area (says she whose Westall cardigan has lace panels you-know-where) but I certainly can admire the designs.

DD borrowed French Girl Knits (by Kristeen Griffin-Grimes) from the library. I have fallen for a couple of the patterns, particularly Anjou and Celeste.

 French Girl Knits AnjouFrench Girl Knits Celeste

Have you seen any new-to-you stitching books lately?


  1. I love the Anjou pattern too.

  2. Oh, you do have good taste! I like the feather and fan design...and I love top down sweaters!!!

  3. I am also well endowed. At my age, I really don't care what other people think any more. I wear what I want. If it draws attention to my best asset than more power to me. Besides my husband married me a decent size and once I had kids I got bigger. (I wanted a reduction, I am an F, and my husband tells he likes me) XX Kathleen

  4. Lots of lovely designs. I haven't been checking out knitting books much. I did get "Best in Show" for Christmas from DD1. Lots of knitted dogs. My daughter has put in a couple of requests for easy care pets.

  5. I adore snuggly warm sweaters...unfortunately I live in a climate where it is too warm to wear them most of the tme. These are all beautiful.

  6. Love the Anjou pattern too. Looks gorgeous & soft. We don't get much use out of lovely jumpers either up this way, alas. Look forward to seeing it done by your hands Lynne. Thoughts on colour for it?

  7. I do not knit, but really like those patterns. It is so fun to get new books. I can spend hours drooling over quilt patterns.

  8. I work in a library on Sundays and always try to look at the knitting and crochet books. I've now started reading fiction with a knitting theme as well.

  9. My good German blood is singing to the Alpine Tweed. It is gorgeous.


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