Friday 4 January 2013

first finish of 2013

Here is the January linky party for the Year of the Finished Project. Please join us if you haven't already.

I started this pair of socks during the last week of December. I needed something to knit while I was sitting around with my family, particularly my mum.

These aren't on my list of WiPs from 2012; there are always socks on my needles for those occasions when I can't concentrate on lace, or work with the many colours of my multi-coloured blankets.
Sorry about the photo -- mum snaffled them just as I removed the last end from the second sock. I had to find them in her suitcase and take a photo with my iPad!

At least I know someone likes my hand-knitted socks, this is her fourth pair -- I only have one!

  • yarn: Moda Vera Noir sock weight yarn, 75% wool/25% polyamide; colourway "Rainbow"; purchased at Spotlight
  • needles: 2.25mm (US 1) purchased at Lincraft
  • started 24 December, finished 2 January -- 10 days of on-and-off knitting
  • pattern: k1p1 rib, stocking stitch, hourglass heel on 64 stitches
  • size: small women's


  1. Hey Lynne, Happy New Year to you. I love the colour of your socks. Siobhan x

  2. Congrats on having a finish already! Love the colors, I can see why your Mom snaffled them up.

  3. Very satisfying! This is the first of many projects to hit this list this year! Yippee!

    I think a pair of socks is a great first FO!

  4. LOL!! They're so pretty, no wonder she snatched them up. :)

  5. Nice socks! Happy New Year, we are back in Oz so send me your address and i will mail the pack to you on Monday :)

  6. Fun yarn in your socks! Have you ever tried Cat Borhdi's Sweet Tomato sock heels? I was stumped by sock heels for a bazillion years until I tried Cat's method. =)


  7. Lol. Two days before Christmas my mum informed me that she would like a pair of hand knit socks for Christmas. I told her
    I would get my sister in laws right on that one. Lol. Not one of them knits, or sews, or does anything remotely crafty. Good thing I had an extra pair lying about in my give away box. I stuffed them in her stocking and told her that Mrs. Claus must have been a swift knitter.

  8. gotta love a sock recipient who takes them away that quickly!


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