Monday, 26 November 2012

Does gauge matter?

Answer: It depends on what one is knitting!

I have not knitted a garment for myself in a very long time. I know I knit to a loose tension (gauge) but this might be a little too loose!

I got 18.5 stitches to 10cm, the pattern calls for 24 stitches.

If I had just gone ahead and knitted this cardigan, the first time I washed it I would have a cardigan for a silverback gorilla! The yarn is 50% cotton/acrylic blend so the actual yarn shouldn't stretch too much (don't worry, I'll do a test wash before committing to a whole cardigan) but a difference of 5.5 stitches over 10cm will be a massive difference on my XL frame!

Obviously my retirement from paid work and being an empty-nester combined with a renewing of my commitment to my God (resulting in a revived spiritual life) has made me very relaxed indeed!

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  1. I guess it is good that you tested. Making garments does require a certain size range.

  2. I rarely think about gauge until I am making a garment-this could have been a very huge mistake! Glad you stopped to check!

  3. Checking the gauge is such a fiddly thing to do but with so many different yarns out now it pays to check. I rarely use the exact yarn the pattern calls for. Lucky you checked. You want a cardigan not a caftan :)

  4. There is a lady in my knitting group who relaxes whilst she is there and her knitted squares are one size. When she is home it seems she is much more tense and the squares come out a lot tighter. Luckily you checked your gauge before you started knitting the whole garment. I also noticed your previous post too. I suffer from depression and yes it is true that no-one will ever truly understand until they go through it themselves. Wouldnt it be nice if you didnt have to suffer from it at all, I know I would be happy about that.

  5. gauge totally matters. We all learn that the hard way at some point!

  6. oh yes, I knitted a cardie for my girl, its lovely but a bit loose! Loved the pics of your grand kids and the gingerbread house!


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