Friday 30 November 2012

more finishes

I have not been so productive over the last couple of weeks – life gets in the way of crafting sometimes! And then there are times where I just don’t feel like sewing. I usually knit because I can do that with my eyes closed and find it very relaxing.

Anyway, I have finished two things – one sewing, one knitting.

The first is the angel I made from a pattern and fabric given to me at our quilting group. I mistakenly thought they were for a secret Santa project but they are actually to sell when we have our Airing of the Quilts in April (our annual fund-raiser).
2012 Christmas Angel finished
The angel was made on the machine but joined together by hand. 

There is running stitch around the sleeves, wings and dress as well as the banner.

The face is drawn on using a Sharpie with a fine point.

The rosy cheeks are coloured pencil.

The hair is some dark brown 5ply (sport) yarn that I had in my “scraps”.

I didn’t have any gold thread for a hanger so I crocheted a chain using 6 strands of embroidery cotton and a 2mm hook!

 My knitting finish is a baby blanket for our latest great-nephew (we have eleven great nieces and nephews; MIL has seventeen grandchildren and thirteen great-grandchildren).
2012 Blanket for Eamon2012 Blanket for Eamon detail

The pattern is Bernat Baby Blanket; it is knitted in Belle Baby “Buttercup” (4ply/fingering, 75% bamboo, 25%  acrylic) on 4.00mm (US 6) needles. I used 6.66 x 50g balls to make a blanket that is 106cm x 112cm (41.5”x44”). The yarn is machine washable and can be line-dried, something young mothers seem to prefer to hand-washing and drying flat; I wonder why? LOL

My November to-do list looks like this:
  1. Christmas Angel – finished
  2. Cloth book – finished
  3. Christmas Tree embroidery – to be worked on today
  4. Baby  Blanket – finished
  5. Very Hungry Caterpillar Quilt – more work on the quilting will be done today; this project will definitely not be finished this month!
  6. Intarsia Blanket – finished
  7. scrappy blocks – 16 blocks made; hopefully there will be more done today
Not bad after all!

The weather is going to test my motto (“never too hot to stitch”) today – it is the last day of spring and the forecast maximum is 40°C (104°F)!


  1. You are having an unusually hot early summer and we are having an unusually cold early winter! Let's trade! The list is getting chiseled down-good job. The angel is very cute-nice project. The baby's blanket is stunning-what an amazing gift!

  2. Beautiful baby that stitch. Too cute---the Christmas angel makes you smile with her topknot. But how do you prepare for Christmas at 104 degree temps? I guess it is what you are use to, but I still have trouble getting my mind around it!

  3. Lovely angel. She looks really cute. The baby blanket looks great. I still have the blanket my mum crocheted for the first grandchild. I used it for the second one too. Too right about it being too hot to knit. The weather can't seem to get itself right this season.

  4. Your knitting is impeccable! Very lovely. And such a cute Christmas angel.

  5. Beautiful work. It looks like you have been quite productive.

  6. The blanket is lovely, I'm sure it will be appreciated!

  7. That blanket is exquisite. It will become an heirloom I am sure.


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