Thursday, 22 November 2012

the black dog

Edited to acknowledge the blog where I found the link.

I don't know about you but I have very close family members who suffer from depression.

I have had depression myself. It is an illness that is very hard to describe to anyone who has not experienced it.

I came across this video on Jan's blog. It gives the best representation of living with depression that I have ever seen. Please take a few minutes to watch it, especially if you know or suspect someone close to you is suffering.

Please reach out to those you think are suffering and ask them if they're okay!


  1. As I think I said on my blog, Lynne, it was this video which convinced my son to go back and investigate up to date options for his depression. He's back on medication and acknowledging that this may be something longterm with the bipolar disorder. Also seeing a professional in the field. The book is great too, by Matthew Johnson, but the video is quick for someone to look at.

  2. The video is very powerful. I have loved ones who live with the reality every day. Thankfully, they all have gotten help, but it is an ongoing struggle.

  3. Well acquainted with this in our family. Great video. Our God is able to encourage our seeking help and prayers not to suffer alone, gratefully.

  4. always such an important message. It impacts on my life in a very real way.

  5. Spot on. Accurate, fast hitting and thought provoking. WM


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