Friday 17 August 2012

still not blogging regularly

I have finished the course that kept me away from blogs and crafting for three and a half weeks. I know many of you out there won't believe me, but the course was life-changing and I will never be the same!

Now my DD has started the course, so for the next three weeks, except on weekends, I will be looking after my two grandsons while she has her life changed! Consequently, there may not be much time for blogging or crafting in the next twenty four days or so.

In between my course finishing on Tuesday and her course starting yesterday, I have managed to read all the blogs I follow – up to their posts of 3 August. Some blogs I have read beyond that but I am working through them slowly and systematically and, thanks to that wonder called iPad, I will get there eventually. 

I don't want to disappoint the followers of this blog. It's a craft blog and you come here to see some stitching - right? So stitching you shall see…

During the period of the Olympic Games I did manage to frog two items for the Ravellenic Games. However, I never got around to adding them to Ravelry, and it's too late now so I didn’t qualify for any medals.

Nevertheless, here are the before and after photos of the Infinity scarf which I frogged because I thought the yarn was too dark to show the lace pattern well and, being pure wool, it was a bit to scratchy for being worn around the neck. The picture on the left is the true colour.
  2011 infinity scarf2012 Ravellenic Games scarf frog
And here are the before and after photos of the pilchers I knitted when DD was pregnant with Older Grandson (who is two and a half today -- where does time go?). She was sure that she would be using cloth nappies but convenience won in the end and she used, and still uses, disposables. Neither of my grandsons would have got their thighs into that tiny leg hole, now I think about it! The pilchers were frogged and the yarn will be dyed and made into something else –– some day. The picture on the right is a truer colour.
 2010 Pilchers the Second2012 Ravellenic Games pilcher frog
The eight pieces that were my bag are now just three pieces. I have to bind the corners and base of the bag (the hardest part of the job I believe), then I can sew on the last two pockets, one on each side and the bag will be done. Hopefully I will have it finished by the end of the month since I only ever seem to work on it in class.
2012 ready to bind
Speaking of classes, last month I teased you with this and asked you to guess what it would become.
2012 Christmas tree #1 green done
Here is the finished article. I love those little colonial knots!
2012 first Christmas tree finished2012 first Christmas tree finished detail
It is part of a triptych. The second one was started last week. (I know it needs ironing but I don’t want to set that wash out pen!)
  2012 second Christmas tree underway
I'm sure I’ll have all three finished and bound in time to decorate our house this December. (What’s that? Christmas is less than nineteen weeks away? Get outta here!)

I’m off to prepare for the arrival of my grandsons (yes, I did remember to move that glass-topped coffee table out of the living room).

Catch you soon!


  1. Fabulous needle work. I wish I had more patience for that type of stuff. I used to cross stitch but haven't in forever. Have tons of fun with the grand kids!!!

  2. The bag is so unique - I love seeing it come along! And your stitching looks great :) I'm totally inspired to stitch a similar tree now!

  3. Yes, stitching you shall see! You've been super busy! I really liked seeing such a wide range of projects. Great!

  4. You have a full life and still get some stitching and knitting done. The bag is wonderful and love your new Christmas decor stitching.

  5. I love your embroideries! Haven't you been busy. Don't worry about those missed medals - frogging or blogging, you're still a winner!

  6. Life changing is as good as it absolutely gets! I'm delighted for you! And the bag is going to be so cute as is all of your other stitchering projects!

  7. I love your bag. I have just started a strippy bag. They always take much longer to finish than I expect. Good to see you are fitting in a bit of craft still.

  8. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one that hasn't been in the mood nor really had the time to blog for the past month or so. I've seen lots in blog land taking a break. The heat finally broke here and its just too nice not to be outside or travel. enJOYing the stitching. Would love to hear more about the change of life experience?

  9. I have a shawl that needs to be unravelled, my husband threw out my "design notes" and I really needed them so I could repeat the design on the 2nd half.

    Sounds like the course was a good one, life changing learning doesn't come around very often.

  10. Life changing? Wow. That's amazing.

    I love all the re-purposing!

  11. I love the embroidery=you are doing a great job and I can't wait to see the finished presentation!

    Glad yarn is reusable! I found a pair of those from the 1940's and had to toss them because of all the moth holes but I did enjoy studying it. My daughter-in-law wants to try cloth diapers...time will tell if she stays with them, too.

  12. I'm intrigued. Life changing? Yes, you will be busy with your two grandbabies.


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