Monday, 6 August 2012

Still here, still busy not blogging!

Hi all

Just to let you know I haven't forgotten you or your blogs. The ministry course I have been doing has been wonderful. It finishes on August 14 so I should get back to reading your blogs after that.

It was a bit of a shame that the course coincided with the Ravellenic Games but I have managed to finish two of my frogging projects - I just haven't entered them on Ravelry as completed yet. I have done some knitting on my intarsia blanket although it is not one of my Games projects - my mind is completely full from the course and I don't want to focus on complicated knitting patterns like the colour-work mittens I was supposed to be finishing for the Games!

My quilted bag is now in its final stages, I attached one of the handles in class today and hope to get the other attached before next week's class. I even managed to successful attach an inside pocket with a zip! First zipper I've sewn in with a machine in over 30 years! It's not straight but it's secure!

Congratulations to Andy Murray winning the gold medal in tennis - what a buzz for him, winning on his court of choice!

I leave you with a video of a song I heard for the first time yesterday. The words mean a lot to me at this time, so I hope it blesses you all too. Be warned, my non-Christian friends -- this is a very Jesus-centred song and you may not want to listen!


  1. Great their music. Keep studying and knitting, and sewing....full days are much better than idle ones.

  2. Glad you are doing fine-nice to have you check in with us!

  3. It sounds like you are really enjoying this busy-ness. Have fun!

  4. Pretty song. Glad all is well.

  5. Great song! Glad you've found it and are encouraged by it. Had expectation that link may have been a "new" song - we've been doing this one for ome time now, but still good.
    Have you come across songs by Trevor Hodge? Really good "sound" both musically and theologically.

  6. Sounds like the course is really good. Enjoy the rest of the course.

  7. Hi Lynne,
    Hope you are well...:)
    Life get busy and blogging takes a back seat, its been a bit like that for my blog lately too.


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