Tuesday, 21 August 2012

some yarn purchased and a new tool

I have passed the halfway mark with my intarsia blanket (more on that in a forthcoming post). Unfortunately, although I planned to use up odds and ends of acrylic yarn accumulated from other projects, I have found that I need to keep buying acrylic yarn.

Sad smileI have discovered that I would rather not knit with acrylic so I am hoping to my diminish my supply rather than keep adding to it!

Anyway, back in March I purchased 5 balls and hoped that would be enough.
2012 Needles blue gold variegated2012 Needles fluoro yellow2012 Needles hot pink
2012 Needles soft green2012 Needles cool variegated
But I’m a bit of Kaffe Fassett fan: “if in doubt, add more colour”. As my scraps have run out, I have been “forced” to buy more yarn. in the last few weeks I have added these yarns to my stash. They are all acrylic; the Needles brand (the first five skeins) is softer and cheaper than the Thorobred but I couldn't get all the colours I needed in the Needles brand.
2012 Needles 8ply green variegated2012 Needles 8ply grey2012 Needles 8ply pink red blue yellow2012 Needles 8ply dusty pink
2012 Needles 8ply red yellow blue black2012 Thorobred 8ply Red2012 Thorobred 8ply light blue2012 Thorobred 8ply  bottle green
This has not affected my stash-busting policy for this year; because there was always a “get out of jail free” card –> No yarn (or fabric) is to be purchased and added to the stash in 2012, unless it is needed for a specific project”.

All, except the last three of these yarns are already in use in the intarsia blanket. I stopped knitting yesterday and started another project (oh no!*) because I really wanted to put red where I needed a new colour. the blue and the green will also be used in the next row or two so they were bought specifically for this project.

While I was in the Big Box Store this morning, I also bought myself one of these:
2012 chest magnifying glass
I hope it helps me see the placement of the cream stitches on the white Aida 14 count cloth!

*I had decided I wasn't starting any new projects until I finished some UFOs but I was only in the mood for garter stitch, so a new project was started.


  1. Oh, beautiful yarns! I am in love with the 100% wools but in the superwash form so that they are a delight to knit, wear and take care of! Looking forward to seeing your projects! Nice to hear from you, too!

  2. Try putting something dark in your lap when you are working on Aida. You will be able to see the holes better.

    Lovely looking yarns! Wish it was cold enough her to make me want to knit. I guess I could crank the AC down.

  3. I'm with you and acrylics. I think I may have only have a few balls of super soft baby to use. The acrylics make my hands ache, even the ones that feel soft

  4. It seems the verification is turned off, but 'comment moderation' is on So yeah!!! I could comment. :-))

  5. I'm trying to find a photo or description of the Intarsia project, but no luck so far. It sure is going to be colourful and I love that!

  6. Beautiful colors! Can't wait to see the final blanket.

  7. Perfect get out of jail free card - I've been trying to do the same. The colors you picked out are so pretty!

  8. fun colors. yes, those do remind me Kaffe. Love that lime green and hot pink.


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