Friday, 27 July 2012

temporarily not blogging

Hi friends

Since last weekend I have been doing an online ministry course which is effectively taking up a lot of my time that used to be used for hobbies. I was a little slow in getting started. The course officially began on Friday but I didn't get started until Monday and I was quite a few sessions behind by then! I have been trying to play "catch up" ever since!

As I understand it, the course runs for two weeks but the course videos stay online for an additional week for those who need to review (or catch up). So, you may not hear from me from now until 13 August when I no longer have access to the course material.

If you have an iPad, could you please tell me what app you use to take and store notes and what you do and don't like about it? Currently, I am using Evernote (I have just lost a couple of hours worth of typing, no autosave that I know of!)

If you're using an app for a Bible, could you tell me what app you are using and whether you are happy with it or not?

I am using Tecarta for my Bible which I find easy to use and very quick. The free version only gives me access to KJV so I may install both the NKJV and the NIV. Does anyone use Olive Tree App? What's it like?

I also have The Glo free app, which is fun if you want to play with maps, art works and other media but for serious study it's too cumbersome. I typed "greater is he that is in you" in the search box and got over 1,000 scriptures! I only wanted one! Funnily enough, when I typed only the word "greater", I got 66 hits! When I typed the same phrase in Tecarta I got eight scriptures - much more manageable!

The Ravellenic Games begin in just a few hours and I think I have four items for the Frogging Trampoline and at least three for WIPS Wrestling so I'll be head-down, b* up for the next little while!

See you at the other end!

PS I am still reading and commenting as much as I'm able - thank goodness for iPad!


  1. Happy knitting for the Ravelimpics~!

    Enjoy the course and thanks for the heads up if you go MIA!

  2. No ipad, and have no idea what you are talking about!!!! :) So I am no help, just sending encouragement on your taking the Bible course.

  3. Well done! I'm afraid I can't help with recommendations for Bible translations on iPad because all I have on mine is The Message, no good for proper study. I also don't take notes on my iPad because I can't easily get them off it (don't have a wireless printer). Aren't I a dead loss LOL. Enjoy your frogging (though I imagine you'd rather not be an entrant in that one!)

  4. Can't help you there. But I do know we have the NIV on the Ipod. What course are you doing?

  5. Two Bible versions I use are Bible Gateway and Youversion. First one is via Internet, second is an app. Loads of versions in each including other languages. Great for brushing up - one of my uni languages is Old Norse and Bible Gateway has the Bible in Icelandic 😄

    Have completed my first event FroggingTrampoline and now getting on with WIPS wrestling - finishing off Guild "homework" cardi from eons ago. Waiting for yarn from Bendigo and Shetland to cast on for rest.

    I love my ipad 💓


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