Monday, 2 July 2012

progress report

In order that I might keep track of what’s really going on with my projects (following my long list of WIPs published on the first day of last month), I thought I would bring you a progress (or lack thereof) report!

I had a fairly slow month in June as far as sewing went but I did a fair bit of knitting!

sew progress July 2012

And I started a bag in class on 4 June -- separate post about that soon!

knit progress july 2012


  1. Looks like you're going for GOLD in frogging!

  2. Lots going on in your sewing room and on your needles.

    Question. What is "frogging"?

  3. that's an enormous list!! Oh my!

  4. Hi Lynne! So I'm curious to know, what was your perspective after catching up on my blog? Do I need therapy? More desserts? Have a blessed fourth of July!

  5. I reckon it would be hard enough just keepin track of the project progress :-)

  6. Even a little progress is progress--nice to see your lists!


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