Sunday 1 July 2012

brought to you by the colour purple

Linking up with SoScrappy’s Rainbow Scrap Challenge.

Nothing like leaving it till the last minute. It is actually the first of July here but it’s still June in USA where the Rainbow Scrap Challenge originated so I’m fine!

I made four blocks yesterday and, to my surprise and delight, I have made another ten blocks this morning.

Two string blocks (6 1/2 inch unfinished)
2012 purple strings
and twelve improv blocks (6 1/2 inch unfinished).
2012 purple improv
That brings my totals to 56 improv blocks and 17 string blocks. That’s enough improv blocks to make a quilt although I don’t have any blue blocks yet (but I know what the colour for July is!)


  1. I love your purple squares! I so love purple.
    After reading your post I went back to superscrappy's blogspot ... and now I know next months rainbow color! And it's another one of my favorite colors.

  2. Your purple squares look wonderful! Great idea to use up those odd size pieces of scraps.
    Glad to have company at the end of the finishing line, LOL... ;) I just made it too.
    Looking forward to working with blues this month :))

  3. They look great. I love the variety of shape in your improv squares. So cute!

  4. Wow you did get busy yesterday. Lots of pretty purples. I'm looking forward to seeing your rainbow quilts using these blocks.

    I'm ready to play with something blue for a month.

  5. That is going to be gorgeous.

  6. You Auzzies are never to late. Your blocks look great. good use of some tiny bits. Blue - whoop y , I am going down to sort and sew blue.

  7. Nice Purple strings and Improv, you are getting quite a collection there. Looking forward to blue!

  8. Love! everything looks great! Especially because they are purple... :)

  9. so much rich purpleness! Gorgeous. Now I'm wondering if I need a purple quilt, having just finished one yesterday. hmmmm......

  10. really great purple fabrics.
    Your lists are a great idea.

  11. I don't work much in purple so it would be a good lesson for me-you have done beautifully with these blocks-very good indeed!


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