Friday, 13 July 2012

moving forward with sewing projects

Back at the beginning of June I started making a bag with my own hand-picked half jelly roll.
Jelly Strings bag fabrics
I’ve pieced and ripped and pieced and quilted. (I'm very slow at quilt-in-the-ditch; I have my machine on the slowest speed and still can't quite manage to stay in the ditch!)

Here’s the carcass of the bag (front, back and sides)
carcass after quilting
and the pockets.
pockets after quilting
I have also made the handle but forgot to take a photo.

My teacher gave me homework to move this project forward but I’ve been side-tracked.

We are having such gorgeous spring-like weather today that I am going to sit out in the sun (yes, it’s still the middle of winter) and do some hand stitching!

The same teacher also takes a monthly embroidery class. On Wednesday I started this and I worked on it last night (stem stitch for the inquiring minds that want to know).
2012 Christmas tree #1 green done
Can you guess what it’s going to be?


  1. Yep, certainly a nice day today, can't believe it's still winter. Can't wait to see the bag taking shape.

  2. Glad to see you so proficient! The bag is going to be great-the embroidery is very pretty-I can't even guess what it is going to be!

  3. In the ditch quilting is very hard.

    I've found that using the ditch as a reference point and sewing 1/4" away from it is much easier. That way is you get off a little bit it doesn't show up as much.

  4. Gorgeous colours, can't wait to see the finished product!

  5. Looks like progress on multiple fronts.

  6. love those fabrics.
    your embroidery looks like it might be a Christmas tree.


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