Wednesday 11 July 2012

vale Robbyn Kenyon

I found out yesterday, through the power of the internet, that knitting designer Robbyn Kenyon passed away in February.

I followed Robbyn’s blog, The Yarnpath, for several years and had communication with Robbyn via email.

In January 2010, Robbyn decided to stop posting to her blog in order to focus on fighting the battle with cancer.

Earlier this year, I knitted a cowl which I called Dragon Skin Cowl.
 2012 Dragon Skin Cowl
The stitch pattern for the cowl was based on the “Dragon Skin” stitch found in Barbara Walker’s library of stitch patterns. The Alexstraza Cowl (Rav link), which is the pattern I used, was a design by Robbyn Kenyon.

I missed Robbyn’s blog when she closed it down and it saddens me that she had been gone for five months before I knew about it.

In her memory, I think I should cast on another of her designs (Rav link) that will live on after her.

Thank you, Robbyn, for sharing your patterns freely with knitters of the world. And thank you for the joy you brought to the readers of your blog and the people who “attended” her Knitting Chatter sessions on Saturday nights (USA time so I could never get involved).

Though I never knew you personally, and we had lost contact online, I will miss you.


  1. I'm sorry that you lost a friend...but I'm glad that she touched your life in a special way. Her gifts live on in the work you and others do.

  2. The endless knot socks look interesting as do many of the other designs.

    I haven't seen it for a while but Ravelry posts on members who have died. I suppose that means they ned a notification.

  3. Cancer is a formidable enemy. I am sorry for your loss.

  4. I used to keep checking back on Robbyn's blog to see if there'd been another post ... maybe from Mariyah to tell us how she was doing. Now at least I know.

    Robbyn used to get a great kick out of the fact that my 'most mature' goat Robbyn was named after her - or rather, she was Robyn when I got her, and the spelling was changed once I 'met' Robbyn through The Yarnpath.

  5. OH, that is sad. sorry for your loss.


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