Friday, 1 June 2012

the eleventh question

warning: long, photo-heavy post (hurrah for the new internet connection and Windows Live Writer!)
Yesterday I answered ten of the eleven questions posted by Freda (a.k.a. Impera Magna) on her blog The Adventures of the Empress of the Universe.

I had to leave the last question because it needed a post of its own (as you will soon see).

Q. How many UFOs/WIPs do you have right now?

A. Let’s begin with the sewing based ones …

1) The quilt that has been occupying my attention this week is my Country Houses quilt which started life as a single (twin) bed quilt in May last year; it’s too big for a single bed so I decided to finish it to queen size to go on our bed to keep me warm on these chilly winter nights. As you can see, it’s way too big for our bed! I am considering taking one or two rows off but, as yet, have not made up my mind!
on the bed - too big 
2) Scrappy Log Cabin: I don’t have enough scraps to make the border I intended and am still thinking about what to do with it. Here it is with the inner border which has been added since I last showed the top-in-progress. It looks black but it is actually a dark brown because, despite all those blues, the quilt has an overall brownish look.
2012 Scrappy Log Cabin with inner border
3) A cloth book I started for the Grandboys for Christmas (they got two of four before I became really ill a couple of weeks before the big day) – I need to unpick the last page I sewed; so it has been having time out in the “naughty corner” since November. This is the page I haven't got to yet!
2011 Saeari underway
4) curtains for Older Grandson’s bedroom – his mummy needs to find the hooks WM accidentally left there and I’m not finishing them till she does! (no photos here)

5) Dotty Bright needs basting and quilting
2012 finished Dotty Bright top_thumb[1]2012 back for Dotty Bright
6) Scrappy Strings II: the top and backing have been made but are too long (Is this a theme emerging in my quilting? I hope not!) so I need to unpick the bottom row of blocks and cut down the backing then baste and quilt (it’s been spending time in the “naughty corner” too)
quilt top finished_thumb[4]pieced backing for Scrappy II_thumb[4]
7) and 8) two scrappy quilts made from one donated partly-made flimsy; I don’t have anywhere near enough scraps to finish either of them (the flimsy was separated between the long floral strip and the yellow strings)
two quilts in one_thumb[4]
9-13) five rainbow quilts which are being made as part of the Scrappy Rainbow Challenge over at SoScrappy; I have blocks in various colours for a four patch quilt (17 blocks made), a nine patch quilt (11 blocks made), a string quilt (15 blocks made), an improv quilt (44 blocks made) and a Wonky Windows quilt (9 blocks made). Obviously, these are long term projects!
2011 red four patch_thumb[5]2012 green nine patch_thumb[3]2012 pink strings_thumb[5]2011 purple improv_thumb[4]2011 brown Wonky Windows_thumb[5]
14) Hearts quilt: this a shared project with DD; we are hand-stitching applique hearts onto white squares – eventually we will have enough for a quilt! This began as a project to take to Guild meetings and for me to take to meetings of the “Caring Hearts Community Quilt Group” when I don’t have any quilts that need binding.
15) a cover for my fold-up cutting mat (originally used for dressmaking, now mostly used under a white plastic tablecloth to block my knitting)
cutting board covered_thumb[1]cutting board folded_thumb[1]
– I am going to use the embroidery I started in class in April; I just have to finish the satin stitching of the butterfly  then I will decide which fabrics I want to use to piece what will be a large drawstring bag (probably lined)
2012 archway embroidery nearly done2012 archway embroidery butterfly in progeress detail
16) Sampler Quilt: I cut out the pieces for the first block in class on Monday so I guess it’s now a WIP!
pieces and plan for Domino block
17) a long-untouched cross stitch which I really ought to get finish, it’s so close to being done! I just have to finish that sheet music (dozens of cream stitches on a white background), the scroll-work music stand and a little more of the piano keyboard to the left then I think it’s finished.
piano cross stitch

… and then there’s the knitting WIPs …

right now I'm knitting a pair of  men's mitts which I will finish today, then I need to revisit the following projects:

18) a pair of gift socks (I can’t say any more, just in case; deadline 22 June)
2012 mum's baby cable rib socks detail
19) and 20) socks for me
2011 Purple Cocoon Ribbed Ribbon socks        2011 Soft Blue socks detail
22) Merlot toe-up socks for someone with big feet (I knitted the first sock on 72 stitches instead of 64)!
2011 Moda Vera Merlot sock in progress
23) baby blanket (which I am considering frogging – it’s just not working for me!)
22) intarsia blanket (I haven’t seen this for a couple of months and was considering ripping it out but now I’ve seen the photo I’m loving it!)
2012 Intarsia Blanket in progress
24) sideways striped jumper – need to pick up stitches and do the collar
Mexicali Baby
25) Ambassador of Love mittens (second mitten syndrome) – I finally located the yarn for the second mitten yesterday! Now I just have to find or download the pattern again!
2011 Ambassador of Love Mittens #1
26) Lace Infinity Scarf which I am also thinking about frogging;  the yarn does nothing for the lace pattern – perhaps a dark colour was a poor choice?
2011 Simple Lace Infinity Scarf
I guess it’s time to crack on with the stitching!


  1. Wow! you are brave pulling all those UFOs out. I don't think I want to know how many I have. lol

  2. With that many UFOs I can only imagine how many things you have finished!

  3. Looks like you have plenty of projects to keep you busy for a while. Good luck crossing some of them off.

  4. Some projects just need to marinate a little longer than others. You can't hurry perfection...:0)

    I try to make it my policy to finish more than I start, and not to look too long in the direction of the not finished pile.

  5. Now that was a fun review! It would spur me to get some in the finished pile or toss them and move on!

    You do beautiful work, tho Lynn!

  6. Ha Ha - I think that strikes a chord with most of us that sew.

    Very brave of you :) I pull all mine out every whip and flip, and put them away again.

  7. At least you know what you have. Very pretty projects!

  8. Wow. I remember being there with my UFO pile. It took me a year to get things finished up.

    Love the simple dark border on #2. It makes the zigzag design pop.

  9. I just made a similar list on a post it, haha. Wow, you are going to be busy for a long time! I like how you have a good balance between (potential) short term and then the long term projects. Happy stitching!!

  10. WOW! You have a lot of great projects started! I especially love your house WIP.


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