Sunday 3 June 2012

UFOs are sometimes WIPs!

It seems a few of you, dear readers, were a bit concerned about the list of WIPs on my previous post. I see that many as a good thing, a sign of how far I have come. Just fifteen months ago I was a raw beginner as a quilter, some knowledge from reading but little real experience.

Now I have fourteen quilting related projects on the go. I know what each one is, where it is, why it has stalled and what I need to do next! I call that progress!Smile

Since none of the quilting related projects has a deadline, I can relax -- as long as I am doing something to one of them most days I feel like I am moving forward.

But the knitting UFOs are a different story! How did I come to have four pairs of socks on my needles? I usually have more than one project on the go; but not usually more than one of the same type of thing!

But never fear, the sock issue will soon be under control. I have finished my “donation” knitting for the moment. I am quite pleased with what I have accomplished so far this year: 2 shawls, 2 pairs of socks (one a gift for my mother), 13 hats, 15 cowls and 15 pairs of fingerless mitts. Not bad, if I do say so myself!

Below are some photos of some of my latest items.
2012 ribbed hat2012 grey and black hat2012 grey Caressa hat2012 grey and blue mitts 2
I don’t take photos of everything because one pair of mitts in a particular colour is the same as another pair of mitts in the same colour – same goes for hats and cowls. I knit the same basic patterns over and over – I can knit them quickly and mostly without thinking; that’s why they are called Elle Bee’s No Fuss patterns on my projects page on Ravelry.

I am the tutor for a “sock from the toe up” workshop on 16 June, so it’s timely that I need to concentrate my efforts on socks. First job is to re-knit the workshop pattern and edit as I go, then I can get back to the socks shown in my previous post.

I have a busy couple of weeks ahead but I will try to work on some of sewing projects. I am starting a new project tomorrow in class; we are making a lined bag. I’m very excited!


  1. I also definitely consider that progress :) It's great to see you posting again, and I feel the same way about my projects (pretty much just taking my time at this point). By the way, can I just say, your knitting looks so professional/well done!

  2. Love to see the are doing a great job of knitting!

  3. Great work on your finished projects and the almost there ones.
    Recently I had 3 projects on the go - 1 me-size knitting, 1 baby-size knitting and a crochet baby blanket. Almost drove me crazy, as I felt I was getting nowhere. Time limits on all the projects.

    Safe to say I am back to one project on the needles, but as for the brain, well its swirling with projects ;-)


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