Tuesday, 29 May 2012

the kindness of stitchers

At the end of April, It was my privilege to collect items donated to Australian Inland Mission, the charity of the month over at Knit4Charities. These items will be taken by a local pastor to Aboriginal communities in central Australia.

Twenty-eight fabulous stitchers from around Australia contributed a total of 264 items, which DD and I enjoyed sorting and photographing last Saturday. The items were knitted, crocheted and sewn.

2012 AIM blankets
hats and wristwarmers
2012 AIM beanies and hats 12012 AIM beanies and hats 22012 AIM beanies hats ansd wristwarmers
ponchos, bears, socks and slippers (and a sweet little baby set)
2012 AIM ponchos bears slippers socks baby-set
scarves and pants
2012 AIM scarves and pants
and sweaters (jumpers, cardigans, shrugs and vests)
2012 AIM sweaters 12012 AIM sweaters 2
Thank you all so much! And thanks, Pam, for starting the group.


  1. Wow, this is an amazing haul from your knitting group!

  2. Great result Lynne! I sometimes think some of the K4C group must knit in their sleep to produce so many items every month. I do a lot of knitting but I can't keep up with some of the others in the group.

  3. A great effort indeed. By the way love the new page layout.


  4. What an amazing collection. It is hard to imagine you in the depths of winter while it is so hot here.

  5. Amazing haul. It will make lots of folks very happy indeed.What a blessing.

  6. Such a lot of love here! What generous and warmhearted knitters/crocheters.

  7. Wow! that is awesome. People are so generous.

  8. I find it amazing at the volume that K4C put out. And the quality and inventiveness - Wowweee!!!


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