Sunday, 27 May 2012

brought to you by the colour yellow

The colour of the month for May for the Rainbow Scraps Challenge over at SoScrappy was yellow.

I always seem to leave it till the last minute to get my blocks done but here they are:

three four patch:
2012 yellow four patch
one string:
2012 yellow strings
seven improv:
2012 yellow improv
and one “Wonky Windows”
2012 yellow Wonky window
-- a total of twelve blocks made on Thursday and Friday.

I now have a total of 44 improv blocks so I am well on my way to having my first scrappy rainbow quilt top started! I think I need 56 for what I have in mind, so only need twelve more – hopefully I’ll have them by the end of June or July!

On the other end of the scale, I have only nine Wonky Window blocks. Given that they are only five inch blocks, I think it will be a while before we see those made up into a quilt!


  1. I like all these blocks! You have been very busy! Are you using up all your scraps?

  2. I love your yellow blocks! This is so much fun. Seeing what other create with this rainbow challenge!

  3. I like your yellow collection, and yes it does look like some of our blocks are related!

  4. You are getting so much done! Can't wait to see them com together.

  5. What fun! This is going to be a beautiful rainbow quilt!

  6. Love much fun and so much happy in yellow. When people tell me they hate yellow, I answer have you noticed it is the center of every flower? Yep. And 44 blocks done. You are on one wonderful roll, lady..good for you!!!!

  7. Love all your sunny blocks!

  8. Great blocks and it will be interesting to see what quilt design you come up with!

  9. the yellow is so sunny and cheerful (single most predictable thing to say about yellow fabric, I know!).

    I'm doing a scrappy quilt too right now - with my mum (one each) and it's lots of fun!

  10. Yay! for yellow. your blocks look great.


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