Sunday 13 May 2012

Happy Mothers’ Day

This is my first Mothers’ Day (in 27 years) without DD who is away with her family visiting her in-laws. This will be DD’s MIL’s first Mother’s Day with her grandsons so it’s only fair that I should share the love since I see them nearly every week!
2012-04-07 grandsons play together
WM and I are spending Mothers’ Day with my mother – this is the first time she has had Mothers’ Day at home with any of her children in many years. So everyone is happy and spending time with someone.
taken at mum and dad's 50th anniversary celebration June 2006
Wherever you are, I wish you happiness and peace this Mothers’ Day.
2012-05-10 pink camelia


  1. Nice to get to share the day with your Mum-have a great visit!

  2. Seems as though all has worked out nicely for Mothers Day. I am pleased to be spending lots of time on tour with my mum.


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