Tuesday 24 April 2012

now you see it…

This partially completed quilt top was donated to our quilting group.It even contains a strip of millennium fabric (top right dark strip with reddish coloured text) which I've heard about but never seen in "real life".
two quilts in one
Several members suggested this would be better as two separate quilts – one in the blues and yellows, one in the mixed prints. I’ve had the “flimsy” draped over a doorway for a few days and I think I agree. However, I thought I might make “the solids” more of a rainbow because I don’t have enough scraps to stick with only soft colours.

What do you think? Please leave a comment - this is a genuine request for advice!


  1. Not sure I follow where you are considering going. I see two quilts when I look at the top.

  2. It definitely looks like two different quilts going on. The darker collection and the pastel (lighter) collection. I would split it and make two quilts. One in a darker bold color collection and one in pastel like softer color collection.

  3. Yes, there are two colors going on here-it looks like a fun pattern to keep it going!

  4. Two quilts - maybe lap or cot sized if not enough of the right coloured fabrics


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