Friday, 13 January 2012

works in progress?

Or at a standstill? Then they'd be UFOs, wouldn't they?

So, what have I carried from 2011 (or before) into the Not-So-New Year?

And what do they need to be completed?

I'll start with the most recent and work backwards (according to date of cast on), knitting then quilting.


I finished mum's socks on Wednesdayand immediately cast on another pair. I turned the heel on the first sock last night so am powering along with those. William's blanket: the knitting is finished, I just need to sew the ends in and block it. I stopped working on it for two reasons: the weather was not conducive for blocking at the time I finished it (about ten days before Christmas). When the weather warmed up I had house guests for nearly three weeks so it wasn't appropriate to cover half the living room floor with blocking boards,etc. I became sick a week before Christmas and didn't want to share my germs with baby William so put it aside to do the ends later (and forgot about it until now). Sideways Striped Baby Jumper I finished the body of this and need to pick up stitches around the neck to do the collar. I can't remember why I stopped; probably I just didn't feel like picking up all those teeny tiny stitches (sock yarn).

Soft Blue Socks knitted from the toe up; I have no idea why I stopped working on these. Purple Cocoon Socks knitted from the toe up; I was questioning whether to knit the second sock or rip the first because they were a bit too snug for me and I though the Cocoon, although 75% wool/25% polyamide, was too loosely spun to wear well as socks (it was designed for baby knitting). I might finish them and give them to mum; she'll wash them by hand!Merlot Socks need to find the instructions for Jeny's Super Stretchy Bind Off and get them done! My computer is always turned off when I'm ready to knit. Hey, I could use my Kindle, couldn't I?intarsia blanket - I was working on this just four weeks ago but it's too hot to knit blankets/afghan from 8ply (DK) now. This project is 40" (1 metre) wide so don't be fooled by the small photo. striped garter stitch afghan: this is the project that I had to rip because something had eaten big holes in the acrylic; I was still working on this project four weeks ago too and have put it aside for the same reason as the intarsia blanket - I work on them alternately: the intarsia requires more attention to details than the garter stitch afghan

I have other projects on needles but they are hibernating for one reason or another - they are certainly not WIPs; just UFOs. If you really want to see the list of them, here is a link to my Ravelry projects page!


Scrappy Coin quilt: this one kind of started itself; I have a 66" panel of small strips left from my over-enthusiastic piecing for the backing of another quilt so I decided to make a Scrappy Coin quilt. Since then I have used up most of my own scraps and most of the donated scraps; I think I have enough for about three-quarters of a quilt! I still have some scraps to cut and then I think I'll have enough. the photo may not look like much but there are 248 little pieces there.Disappearing Nine Patch: top and backing completed; sewing machine on quilting frame hopefully now sorted, this quilt should be loaded and started either today or tomorrow Scrappy Strings II: top and backing completed; waiting to be quilted when the Disappearing Nine Patch is done Hunter's Cabin: pieced and quilted; just awaiting finding the correct flannel fabric to make the binding; flannel isn't easy to buy in the middle of an Australian summer! Country Houses: the QAYG blocks have been sew into rows,
the rows are waiting to be sewn into a quilt top. I have procrastinated on this one because it is too big for the single bed for which it was intended and I haven't yet found the fabric I have in mind to make it into a top for our queen sized bed.

Finally, another work in progress is my newly created family history blog Are We Related? I thought I may as well use every resource available to try and find some long lost relatives!


  1. Seeing your sock WIPs reminds med that I don't have a plain sock in the sticks at the moment. I should rectify that I think!

  2. So many projects! You'll be busy for a while. Great eye candy :)

  3. Brave woman -I don't think I let my list of wip's get this long because it can be overwhelming! I think a written schedule is called for to 'git 'r done! Love the new socks, btw!!!

  4. your quilts look great and love all the knitting projects too. I just finished an Eternity Scarf. Blessings,


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