Friday, 11 November 2011

this, that and a winner!

Just some bullet points today -- a little bit of this and that!
  • Today DD and I are going to attempt to do some practice on the quilting frame. Thanks to all the readers who wrote tips and advice for us - we have taken it all into consideration and will let you know how we go this time.

  • The last of the twenty five blocks that DD and I sent to Jan Mac at Oz Comfort Quilts last month have been used in the quilt shown below. The block on the bottom right and the the block two above it were made by either DD or I.
photo borrowed from
  • The winner of the three novels by Claire Donohue is

... Sana Saroti!

Congratulations Sana -- please let me have your postal address and I'll get them into the post as soon as possible next week.

  • And I'll finish with another fabulous quote I've taken from Bonnie Hunter's website.


  1. Hope the practice session on the frame went well!

  2. Looking forward to seeing the results of the practice on the quilting frame. What a lovely quote to end your post.

  3. Thank you so much again and thanks for the great quote! It can help me a lot with what I was upset about yesterday! Love how the quilt came together!


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