Thursday, 3 November 2011

more yarn for the stash

As you would know, if you have been reading this blog for more than a couple of months, I make semi-regular trips to the Big Box Craft and Homewares Store. Last week I found 100g of sock yarn for $2 per ball. Obviously they are clearing current stocks and not intending to carry this line again next year. A few balls decided to come home with me!

It is not the softest yarn I have ever knitted with but it washes and wears okay and softens up after the first wash, especially if rinsed in hair conditioner (thanks for the tip, Susan).

Yes, I know it's called sock yarn but it could also be used for other things like children's jumpers or cardigans, or even a lightweight blanket.

On Tuesday I visited the store again. I bought twenty metres of 120cm wide calico to practise quilting on my frame! I also bought a new pair of embroidery scissors to replace the ones I 've had for so long I can't remember where they came from. I think they were manicure scissors. I know I've had them since long before I was married thirty-four years ago!

"Christmas Basics" fabric was on sale for $6.95 per metre (usually $9.95 per metre) so I bought two metres of this print.
So what do you think: drawstring Santa sacks or Christmas stockings for our fund-raiser stall?


  1. $2 a ball would definitely be hard to pass up!

    Maybe Santa sacks? They'd be easier to fit larger toys into, I suppose?

  2. The stars are pretty and I saw them when I was with you in different colours. Sacks would be quick and easy, but how about some small Christmas stockings which could perhaps hold a chocolate or two or similar? Tree decorations? More fiddly than drawstring bags but cute too.

  3. Can't wait to see the fun that you have on your new frame. How close are you to loading your first practice piece?

  4. The sock yarn looks pretty. Good price. I think some sacks that are not too big so they would be good as a treasure bag when Christmas is finished. The stars and a sack go beyond Christmas but a stocking is Christmas only.

  5. that not so soft sock yarn does make the most hard wearing socks known to knitters. It's worth buying, even if it's not that nice to knit with.

  6. Love the yarn-I see some happy feet in your near future! Nice purchase on the scissors and fabric-enjoy getting to know your frame!

  7. I would go for Santa sacks, only because I'm lazy and the sacks will be quick to whip up.

  8. Recognise some of that yarn hidden in my stash :-)
    I'm a bit partial to Santa stockings myself, but sacks might be more practical - darn that


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