Wednesday 2 November 2011

the little boy and the hat

Once upon a time, not very long ago, there was a Little Boy who didn't like anything on his head.

He fussed when his Mummy dressed him.

He fussed when his Grandmother tried to dry his hair after his bath.

But, as he grew older, about twenty months or so, the Little Boy began to run around the house with a sheet over his head.

Sometimes he stepped on the sheet and fell over, but at least the Little Boy had something on his head.

His Grandparents, worried about his fair skin in the harsh Australian sun, thought it was time the Little Boy learnt to wear a hat.

After all, the Little Boy loved being outside and fussed if he had to stay indoors.

His Grandparents bought two hats.

"Perhaps he will learn to like one of them," they said to each other.

And so it came to pass that his Grandfather, who had outgrown his hair many years ago and therefore wears a hat year-round, showed the Little Boy one of the hats that had been bought.

When the hat was placed on his head, the Little Boy tore it off and threw it on the floor.

Patiently, his Grandfather retrieved the hat and put it back on the Little Boy's head.

"You cannot go outside unless you wear your hat," the Grandfather told the Little Boy.

The Little Boy was only twenty months old but he seemed to understand.

The Little Boy left the hat on his head and together he and His Grandfather went outside.

The Little Boy ran down the path, laughing.

Then the Little Boy tore off his hat and threw it on the ground.

Patiently, his Grandfather retrieved the hat and put it back on the Little Boy's head.

And finally the Little Boy understood.

Now, the Little Boy wears his hat when he goes outside with His Grandfather.

And with his Grandmother.

And they are both very happy and proud of the Little Boy.


  1. What a lovely nursery tale, Lynne. And such a necessary moral to the tale down here.

  2. Hooray for grandparents who care enough to put it back on him again and again! (too many people have lost the art of parenting!)
    The picture of him is SO sweet!!!!

  3. Very cute! He now has one at home too.

  4. Such patience. Glad it paid off. I thought it was going to end with the grandfather saying he lost his hair cause he didn't wear a hat when he was little.

  5. something changes. One day they know hats are ok and it's a great moment!

  6. Very cute story. Your grandson doesn't know what pain he's being saved from, but he's learning.

  7. This is such a cute story and a unique post :) now you've got to make him a hat!


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