Sunday 20 November 2011

I like chocolate cake batter

On Saturday 12th November, Baseball Nephew had a training session at the Olympic Baseball Park in western Sydney. My sister and nephew stayed with us on Friday night.

In honour of their visit (we only see them two or three times a year), DD made a chocolate cake.

Older Grandson learnt the delights of licking the spatula

...and the beaters.

Younger Grandson watched on but only smiled when he was tickled!


  1. Too cute! But, oh my, it's 11 am for you already? I am off to bed now (I know I'm a night owl ;-)

  2. Very cute. I still like licking the beaters :)

  3. Looked like it was a yummy chocolate cake. Licking the spatula and beaters are a must and you're never too young to do that :)

  4. Educating on the delights of chocolate is one of the essential child raising! Good job!

  5. I agree with Delighted Hands' comment - teehee - looks like you are having a wonderful weekend :)

  6. licking spoons and beaters never, ever gets old.

  7. A passage in any child's life ... Licking the beaters. I still do! LOL. He looks pretty darn pleased you have introduced him to these delights.


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