Thursday 17 November 2011

exciting news

It may surprise you to know that baseball is not one of the most popular sports in Australia.

It is not broadcast at all on free-to-air television.

It is certainly not the big deal that it is in USA.

However, my uncle (dad's brother) played baseball for many years. Dad's first cousin also played baseball, as did his sons, and at least one of his son's sons.

My sister's son, my only nephew, started playing tee-ball when he was much younger.

From tee-ball he graduated to baseball.

So, in summer he'd play cricket (one of our most popular national sports) and in winter - yes, that's right, winter - he'd play baseball.

This is a photo of him after the Grand Final of the B-grade earlier this year. He also played in the A-grade grand final.
photo copied and cropped from Cougars Baseball Club Facebook page

This summer he will not be playing cricket.

Instead, he has been named in the 2012 Under-18's NSW Country Baseball Team as a pitcher. So he will spend the early part of the summer travelling around the state for training and then compete in the national championships in Geelong, Victoria, in January.

This is very exciting news in our family. He has made a state representative team and may, if he plays really well, make it to the national team.

That is great news in itself.

But my nephew is still six weeks short of his sixteenth birthday!


  1. Well done! I know a couple of boys who play baseball. He's doing well for his age.

    Two granddaughters play T-ball and their brother, nearly thirteen hovers around state level in both cricket and soccer. However, he's having a break this year because he had quite a few injuries and is healing them. Some injuries were done at school in athletics training when exercises which were inappropriate for his age group were made compulsory.

    He took part in State athletics carnival a few months ago and is still limping

  2. Wow! That's very exciting. I love baseball. I find it difficult to watch on TV (since it's relatively slow), but I love to go to the minor league and major league stadiums and watch it in person. CONGRATS to this obviously talented young man.

  3. Congratulations to your nephew! Very exciting!

  4. Amazing-he must really be talented! Congrats to all of you for such great news!

  5. So exciting! So cool! But definitely no baseball in germany.

  6. Well done! I love baseball and wish we had more in IRL. Good for you (and your family!)

  7. Baaaaaatter up! I don't think my family could survive without it. Congratulations!

  8. Congratulations! Quite an accomplishment for a not quite sixteen year old.

  9. Congratulations on his success, such a proud moment for Mum and Dad no doubt :-)


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