Monday 21 November 2011

don't let me near the discount book store

Yesterday, DD and I had "high tea" for lunch. I won't go into the details - it is sufficient to say that it was basically the same as when I took mum in September. You can read about that on this post.

After lunch, we had to pass the discount bookstore to return to the car.

Well, when I say "pass", I mean, we had to go into the book store.

And I came out with a few books (as you do).

If you read Quilting Arts magazine, you'll recognise this one; the author of the book, Robbi Joy Eklow, writes an essay for each edition of the magazine under the same title.
Goddess of the Last Minute

I nearly didn't buy the next one except for the second sentence in the introduction:
The concepts presented also apply to quilting on a short arm machine or a domestic machine using a quilting frame.
A quick flick through the book convinced me I wanted to own this one.
I bought a few others but they're for Christmas presents so I can't show them here!

Are you giving books as gifts this Christmas?


  1. Christmas and a birthday always had to have at least one book among the presents. Preferably more. Otherwise I was disappointed. Yes, Im giving some books for Christmas presents. Have to keep the tradition going.

  2. Ooohh - I may need to look up that second book. Let us know how you like it and if it's worth a read.

  3. it's hard to pass up a discount book store. Almost impossible. Great choices!

    I'll be getting books for Alice and Willem.....must decide which ones!

  4. Excellent choices! Yes, I always give a book to each of the kids for Christmas-a firm tradition!

  5. Looks like you found some great books. Hopefully they will have you quilting like a pro in no time flat!


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